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    View CommentsDowntime…Wasn’t us.

    April 19th, 2014 by

    Normally when the site breaks everyone looks at me.   Basically because I have been known to break things when I tinker around..Or de-admin myself..Or forget to re-register the domain.. Well the list kind of goes on.   Thankfully I have Kef and Bakuda who..generally know how to fix things.   This past Wednesday wasn’t anything I did..Nor any of my tech staff.   What happened was a massive downtime throughout our hosts VPS and Dedicated servers.   Because I still run FUS on a VPS configuration..  that included us.

    To quote

    a message from our CEO
    Dear Paul,
    On April 16 we experienced an outage that affected a portion of our customers. We want to sincerely apologize for any impact this may have had on your websites, email, and other online efforts.
    We traced the interruption back to a complex and undocumented firmware bug in one of our vendor’s hardware solutions, specifically some of our network routers. Once the problem was identified we immediately worked with the vendor to create and deploy a firmware update and custom configuration to fix it. We want to emphasize that none of your confidential information was ever compromised and that your account data remains safe and secure.



    So basically all is good now.  This isn’t a big news update but I figured I would inform the lot of you before people start thinking I broke something else.



    View CommentsSonic Select #9/World Collide TPB news

    April 13th, 2014 by










    According to Publishers Weekly, a new Deluxe Edition of Worlds Collide, which will presumably collect all of the arc’s stories in one graphic novel treasury, will be out then. It’s not clear what, if any extra features will be included.


    Sonic the Hedgehog’s most popular graphic novel series is BACK!
    Grab your controller and play along with this game-themed edition of Sonic Select! Sonic the Hedgehog raced into the world in video games first, and his digital birthright still holds true today. Many of Sonic’s game adventures have followed him onto the printed page, sometimes with new and exciting twists. Join Sonic in a race with all-stars on a star-studded track! Meet the newest villains in the Sonic game pantheon: the deadly six! Thrill as our hero gets entangled in Blaze’s search for the Sol Emeralds! Knuckles and Tails prepare for the Marauders while Sonic aids the wizard Merlina! All this and more await you inside these pages of the latest and greatest volume in the SONIC SELECT series! Bringing you the finest in Sonic stories from throughout the comics’ 20 year history!
    Script & Art: Various
    Cover: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante
    $11.99/$13.99 CAN
    6 x 9”
    Trade Paperback
    128 pp
    On-sale: 4/9

    View CommentsApril Sonic Fan Event News!

    April 6th, 2014 by

    The Sonic Tampa Union is just about to conclude in Florida, and what a turnout!

    The fun doesn’t have to stop in Florida for Sonic fans the world over. There’s no shortage of fan events that have been popping up around the globe since the Sonic revolution began nearly a year ago.

    Every month I will post an update about all the events on the roster, and who knows, you may have something to mark your calendars for!

    This is the current list of all known Sonic fan events:

    April 2014

    13thWeston Super Sonic April Meetup (Druckers, Weston-Super-Mare; 1 PM)

    25thNo Brand Con Sonic Meetup (The Plaza Hotel and Suites Lobby; Eau Claire, Wisconsin; 2-3 PM)

    May 2014

    31stSonic New York Picnic (Central Park; New York City)

    June 2014

    1stSonic London #14 (Namco Arcade, London; 1:30-5:00 PM)

    15thSonic Revolution 2014! (Buena Park, California; Marquis Room at Holiday Inn, 7000 Beach Blvd; 10 AM-6 PM)

    September 2014

    10thGamestop Expo 2014 Meetup (Anaheim Convention Center; Anaheim, California)

    If you’re ever starting your own event and would like some exposure, feel free to tip me off about it by sending an e-mail to oggyigel@gmail.com!

    I’ll see you all in May, and hopefully will be able to report the dates of Sonic Boom and Summer of Sonic 2014! The most up to date list of upcoming Sonic events is located over at Sonic Revolution’s website!

    View CommentsJust a friendly reminder…

    March 26th, 2014 by

    Hey for all you long term Forum Users and to you newbies as well….

    Thank You.



    View CommentsSonic Revolution 2014 – Special Guest Tommy Tallarico!

    March 21st, 2014 by

    Sonic Revolution 2014 is less than three months away, and more news has come in!

    We’re proud to announce that composer Tommy Tallarico of Video Games Live fame will be a special guest at our event. Mr. Tallarico will be talking about his work with Sonic music (he was one of the contributors to Sonic and the Black Knight’s soundtrack) as well as video game music in general. The audience will be more than welcome to ask him questions!

    We’ve also taken a note from Summer of Sonic and have created a webpage made just for this year’s event! Give it a look sometime!

    View CommentsLooking for artist!….again

    March 9th, 2014 by

    I know, I know.. I announced a new Sea3on artist some time ago as I had found one.  Sami as you all know has worked on shorts before in the past, plus her work has always just been amazing.   So, we (myself and her) were hoping for her to get back on her drawing path and become our main artist.
    Sadly over the course of the last month plus some her work life just became too hectic.  With working the next town over and working 6 day weeks (which currently show no sign of ending) she came to me this morning expressing that there is no possible way for her to get going as the main artist at this time.  We chatted about holding off on the comic a bit longer, maybe things will clear up come summer..But in the end we both decided that for now at least it is best to try finding a artist.

    So..I hope to end this artist curse that seems to be haunting Sea3on.

    So..Looking for artist(s).   I’m actually wiling to accept a team of people this time.  I know a lot of you last time wanted to try something and were waiting for a page for me to toss out…Anyways I have that page now.

    But be warned… Taking on this job apparently throws your personal life into absolute hell.  For it is the CURSE OF SEA3ON!!!


    So PM me on the forums with your work, email me Paul@Sonicsatam.com or jump into our IRC chat room and chat with me about this.  http://www.sonicsatam.com/sample-page/chat-room/

    As for a promo page to try out..


    Page One
    Plain white background. The Freedom Fighters are all standing, side by side, in the foreground and looking at the audience. From left to right: Antoine, looking bashful; Bunnie, giving a big wave and an even bigger smile; Sally, arms folded in font of her chest and a calm smile on her face; Sonic, winking and giving a flashy thumbs up; Rotor, arms folded behind his back, eyes closed, but a small smile on his face; and Tails, hopping up and waving with both his eyes with an enthusiastic grin.
    Everyone: HELLO!
    Close up of Sally, still smiling calmly at the audience.
    Sally: Welcome to the Audition! This little exercise is designed to-
    Same shot, but Sally is now being pushed aside by an eager-looking Sonic on the right side of the panel, much to her annoyance.
    Sonic: We wanna see how awesome you can be!
    Normal shot; we can see the characters from the waist up now. Sally is on the left, pushing Sonic away toward the right side of the panel. Sonic is stubbornly trying to get back to the center, flailing his arms at her, but it’s no use. Sally is glaring daggers at him, and he at her.
    Sally: That’s only part of it, Sonic! They’re not just here to show off, but to practice!
    Medium long-shot. Rotor is in the background, and has picked Sonic and Sally up by the scruffs of their necks; he is looking at Sally with a chiding expression. Sonic and Sally are both looking quite surprised.
    Rotor: C’mon, you two, settle down. What we’re trying to get at is…!
    Same shot, but we are now seeing it from the bottom of Rotor’s neck upwards. His hat has now been snatched by Tails, who is hovering over him in the upper portion of the panel with his tails spinning; he looks very amused with himself. Rotor looks befuddled.
    Tails: We’re trying to say, we’re here to have fun!

    Page Two
    Long shot. Bunnie is in the lower left corner of the panel with a cocky little grin, extending her robot arm up to Tails, who is in the upper right of the panel looking surprised, and grabbing on to Rotor’s hat; Rotor (still holding on to Sonic and Sally, both of whom look mildly annoyed) is in the center, still confused by all this.
    Bunnie: Now now, Sugah-Fox, don’t you get carried away up there.
    Medium close-up of Bunnie looking at the audience with a friendly smile; her robot arm is pulling back in from the upper right of the panel, with Rotor’s hat in its hand.
    Bunnie: Now then, why don’t we get back t’business ‘n’ introduce ourselves to…!
    Medium long-shot. Bunnie is on the left of the panel, looking up in shock at Rotor, who is looking pretty mad and has tossed a shocked Sonic and Sally aside into the lower right of the panel so that he can begin to try and tackle Bunnie. Tails, also looking annoyed, has begun diving toward Bunnie from the upper right of the panel.
    Rotor and Tails, simultaneously: GIMME THAT HAT BACK!!!
    Same shot, but everyone has fallen to the bottom of the panel in a big, messy heap, kicking up a cloud of dust and debris in the process.
    Same shot, but everyone is now lying down, looking mildly pained, at the bottom of the panel in a crumpled heap.
    Same shot, but Antoine, nervously twiddling his thumbs, looking at the audience with a sheepish smile and sweating a little, has side-stepped in front of the pile.
    Antoine: Eh-heh-heh…I am most apologizing for zis embarassing display, but…to get to ze very point….
    Medium close-up of Antoine, eyes closed and smiling awkwardly, waving at the audience.
    Antoine: …Goodbye!


    View CommentsSonic Revolution 2014 – 50 more tickets up for grabs March 8th!

    March 6th, 2014 by

    Tanner “Ogilvie” Bates of the Sonic Revolution 2014 Staff here, with Sonic Revolution 2014 updates!

    Did you miss the ticket “sales” on the 1st? Don’t fret – we have 50 more tickets going up for grabs on Saturday, March 8th at 10 AM PST. Tickets are free and you can grab more than one if you have any family or friends you’d want to bring along to the first fan-run Sonic convention in the United States! Tickets will be acquired at this link through EventBrite!

    Mark your calendars and set your alarm clocks! These will be the last tickets available to the public for this year, though we will also have a standby line the day of the event if you don’t manage to snag one! Provided there is sufficient space after all ticketed entries, you will still be able to get into the event even without a ticket.

    Want a guaranteed ticket rather than having to try your luck at sales? Book a room at the Holiday Inn Buena Park for June 14th and 15th with the group code “SGR” and e-mail a copy of your confirmation to sonicremix@sonic-revolution.net to receive a ticket in your name! We have a limit of fifteen tickets that will be handed out this way. Even if you already have a ticket, the group code is valid for all attendees to use to receive a discount.

    Once this sale is over, we will have given away 150 tickets, and providing entry to press and special guests means we sadly lack the space to offer more. Best of luck with acquiring tickets, and we hope you’ll join us for eight hours of fun on June 15th! We have all sorts of fun activities planned for attendees and would love if you were one of them.

    View CommentsSonic Revolution 2014 – Tickets and Hotel Discount Code Released!

    March 2nd, 2014 by

    Sonic Revolution 2014 has three new pieces of news related to the event to reveal to all prospective attendees the world over!

    First off, tickets are now on sale via Eventbrite! They are free, so don’t hesitate to grab one; just please grab tickets only if you can actually attend. Here is the link where you can grab tickets. There’s a limit of ten tickets per attendee if you wanted to bring friends or family. Even if you don’t grab tickets, don’t fret; there will be a standby line at the venue.

    Secondly, we finally have our hotel code for the Holiday Inn, good for Saturday and Sunday night. The code for Revolution attendees is: SGR. When booking a room at the Holiday Inn Buena Park’s website, simply enter the code under “Group Code” on the side to earn yourself a discount.

    Third and finally, we have another special guest announcement!

    We’re proud to report Evan Stanley, writer and illustrator of the Ghosts of the Future Sonic webcomic, and a contributing artist to Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, will be at the event. She will be having an artist table for attendees to view her work, find out any information about her work, as well as receive autographs. She will also be a judge at the event’s art contest! Please stop by her table at some point during the event!

    View CommentsMove complete

    March 1st, 2014 by

    Ladies and mentlegen, this is your captain speaking. We have just finished moving FUS to our new host. Some of you may be seeing new.sonicsatam.com in the address bar instead of www.sonicsatam.com or sonicsatam.com. This is a temporary measure and should go away within the day; our true URL remains simply sonicsatam.com. By all means, let us know if you find anything weird anywhere on the site. Thank you for flying Fans United.

    - Kef

    View CommentsConvention

    February 23rd, 2014 by

    Hey guys, I want to bring attention to a convention the Sonic  Revolution team is doing.    But instead of typing out a bunch of stuff I am just going to link you to the original post which you can find here.   And yes I just used the full sentence as a link because..Don’t want you missing it.


    As for plans to go..I might.   California takes a bit to get to from my neck of the woods, and if I fly all that way there Id rather it be longer then just a few days.  But hey, who knows.  Still plenty of time for me to make up my mind on the matter.   However all of those who can go I highly recommend going.  The bigger the turn out for the first convention just means all those after will be larger and continue to grow.


    I’m sure Ogilvie will continue to update us all on anything new regarding the convention so..Keep checking.