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    July 12th, 2011 by

    SatAM Related

    Q: Why is this version of Sonic called SatAM?
    A: SatAM stands for Saturday Morning. In some countries, the SatAM series actually aired on Sunday or other times. The reason it’s called SatAM in USA, is because it aired along the syndicated Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and fans called it SatAM to differentiate between the two; other countries just adapted the name SatAM.

    Q: Why is Princess Sally pink in Heads or Tails? For that matter, why is everyone different?
    A: The original Princess Sally was pink, and this was the one used for Heads or Tails. Also, Heads or Tails was the pilot episode. Lots of testing grounds go into a pilot including looks and personalities..

    Q: If Bunnie wasn’t roboticized in Blast to the Past part 2, why is she roboticized in the future?
    A: Who said Bunnie HAD to be roboticized in Blast to the Past part 2? My guess is she was roboticized along the line somewhere, NOT in that episode. Think of this too, robot parts don’t grow, if Bunnie was Roboticized in BTTP part 2, she’d have very small limbs in the future.

    Q: Why were those two crappy shorts with Antoine made?
    A: ABC said DiC had to make them, I have no idea why, but that’s the answer.

    Q: Whose eyes were behind Snively in the elevator?
    A: Naugus.

    Q: Why was it cancelled?
    A: Two reasons: One, it didn’t get the ratings it needed what with it competing with Power Rangers and all. Second, the new ABC president didn’t like the series, so he simply had it cancelled.

    Q: I heard a movie for SatAM was in the works. Is this true?
    A: A LOT of rumors are flying around about a possible movie. If you heard there was a movie in the works from anyone, it is untrue at this point. Until someone has a document signed by SEGA saying they relinquish the rights of Sonic for a movie, a movie will not happen. Don’t get your hopes up about a movie. If one happens, well good, but the prospects are very slim at this point. Chances are even if there is a movie, it will be more of an Archie movie than a SatAM movie.

    Q: How do I know my DVDs are not bootlegs?
    A: See the DVD related section

    Q: What happened to Sonic Epoch?
    A: You can do a search online for Sonic Epoch Advance. This is what became of it.

    Other cartoons

    Q: Where can I get Sonic X, SU or AoStH info?
    A: Search online for it.

    DVD related:

    Q: Where can I buy the DVD?
    A: At amazon.com at this link and pretty much any other online store that sells videos. It should also be available at stores like Best Buy, Circut City and anywhere else that sells videos. It will be in the family section.

    Q: How do I know my DVDs are not bootlegs?
    A: The cover art should be a dead give away.Here is the cover art of the Complete Series released by Shout Factory in the US. In the UK and other Region 2 areas, this boxart was used. This boxart was used on a Season 1 boxset released only for Region 2 users. Anything else is a bootleg. Do not be fooled by fakes on ebay. They will be of poor quailty and generally have watermarks on them. Unless it’s one of the covers above, it is a bootleg and should be avoided at all costs.

    Website Stuff

    Q: What’s this Sea3on comic thing?
    A: Check it out for yourself here.

    Q: Can you get pictures from ‘suchandsuch’ episode(s) up?
    A: If you don’t see pictures from a certain episode on the pictures page, it means I don’t have pics from the episode, or I don’t have a copy of the episode in decent enough quality to make pictures. So asking me to get them up is a waste of time.

    Q: Can I take [whatever] from your page?
    A: Not without permission, now. If you’d like to ask me about this, fill out our contact form with a description of what you want to borrow.

    Q: If I cannot take the files, can I link to them?
    A: NO! That’s even worse than taking my files. It slows down the server for everyone else.

    Q: Will you link/affiliate to my page?
    A: I only link to pages that I really like and that I feel are worth the time to visit that I found on my own, so probably no.

    Q: When will you start accepting fanart/fanfiction again?
    A: We accept Fanart, and Fanfiction through a Automated system! Make an account with the appropriate system, and start uploading your art today!


    Q: Can I Contact You about the Site?
    A: Yes! You can do so via our contact form.  Please, make the subject of ALL E-mails ‘FUS – <> , like ‘FUS – Site Problem’ or ‘FUS – I Have an Idea!’. PLEASE Read the following Questions for guidelines on E-mailing me, though!

    Q: What’s your AIM or ICQ?
    A: Please, only use the contact form to contact us.