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    July 12th, 2011 by

    Sonic SatAM Credits:

    (Thanks Ronic!)

    S1-Worked Season 1
    S2-Worked Season 2
    BS-Worked Both Seasons

    Executive Producers:

    Andy Heyward(BS)
    Robby London(BS)

    Supervising Producer-Story Editor:

    Len Janson(BS)

    Produced & Directed By:

    John Grusd(Pilot Only)
    Dick Sebast(S1)
    Ron Myrick(S2)

    Executive in Charge Of Production:

    Brian A. Miller(BS)

    Production Supervisor:

    Stacey Gallishaw(BS)

    Associate Producer:

    Kent Meredith(S1)
    Antran Manoogian(S1)
    Jennifer Pelphrey(S2)

    Production Coordinators:

    Alice Alonzo(BS)
    Antran Manoogian(S1)
    Helen Brennick(S1)

    Production Assistant:(Pilot Only)

    Joshua Lou Friedman

    Assisted By:

    RaNae Bonella(BS)


    Marsha Goodman(BS)
    Virginia K.(Ginny)McSwain(BS)

    Voice Director:

    Virginia K.(Ginny)McSwain(BS)

    Talent Coordinator:

    Stephanie McCorkle(BS)

    Voices: (Main Cast)

    Jaleel White as Sonic(BS)
    Kath Soucie as Sally/Nicole(uncredited as Nicole)(BS)
    Bradley Pierce as Tails(BS)
    Christine Cavanaugh as Bunnie(BS)
    Jim Cummings as Dr. Robotnik(BS)
    Charlie Adler as Snively(BS)
    Rob Paulsen as Antoine(BS)
    Mark Ballou as Rotor(S1)
    Cam Brainard as Rotor(S2)
    Cree Summer(Francks)as Dulcy(S2)
    William Windom as Uncle Chuck(S1 Guest; S2 Regular)

    Credited Additional Voices:

    Shari Belafonte as Lupe(S2)
    Tim Curry as King Acorn(S2)
    Dorian Harewood as Ari(S2)
    Dana Hill as Young Sally(S2)
    Tahj Mowry as Young Sonic(S2)
    William Windom as Cat(S1)
    Michael Bell as Nagus(S2)

    Uncredited Additional Voices:

    Crystal Cooke(S2)
    David Doyle(S1)
    Dave Fennoy(S2)
    Alaina Reed Hall(S2)
    Gaille Heindenmann(S1)
    John Kassir(S2)
    Katie Leigh(S2)
    Nancy Linari(S2)
    Victor Love(S2)
    Danny Mann(S1)
    Jason Marsden(S1)
    Hal Rayle(S2)
    Lindsay Ridgeway(S2)
    Charlie Schlatter(S1)
    Frank Welker(S1)
    April Winchell(S2)

    Series Writers:

    Patricia Allee(BS)
    Jules Dennis(S1)
    Janis Diamond(S1)
    Benjamin Hurst(BS)
    Len Janson(BS)
    Katye Kuch(S1)
    Randy Rogel(S1)
    Frank Santopadre(S1)
    Sheryl Scarborough(S1)
    Barbara Slade(S1)
    Matt Uitz(S1)
    David Villiare(S1)

    Creative Supervisors:

    Andy Heyward(BS)
    Mike Maliani(BS)

    Associate Story Editors:

    Patricia Allee(BS)
    Benjamin Hurst(BS)

    Script Coordinator:

    Lori Crawford(BS)

    Script Assistants:

    Kevin Donahue(BS)
    Penny Lee(BS)
    William A. Ruiz(BS)
    Stacy Sibley(BS)

    Director Of Research:

    Renee Toporzysek(BS)

    Art Director:

    John Grusd(Pilot Only)
    Dene A. Ross(S2)

    Character Design:

    Ken Kinoshita(S1)
    Denise Shimabukuro(Pilot Only)
    Gary Paul Terry(Pilot Only)
    Creative Capers(Pilot Only)
    George Goodchild(S2)
    Mark Rubinchik(S2)

    Prop Design:

    Warren Manser(Pilot Only)
    Brad Morris(BS)
    Wayne Schultz(Pilot Only)
    Vadim Sokolov(S2)

    Background Design:

    Enzo Baldi(S1)
    E.R. Cruz(S2)
    Drew Gentle(S2)
    Gilbert W. Hung(S2)
    Ron Roesch(S2)
    Vladimir Spasojevic(S1)
    Glen Tarnowski(Pilot Only)
    Dean Thompson(S2)

    Color Background Painters:

    Stephen Lee(Pilot Only)
    Sai Ping Lok(S1)
    Junn Roca(BS)
    Teri Shikasho(Pilot Only)
    Lin Hua Zheng(S2)

    Main Title Layouts:(S1 Only)

    Dick Sebast
    Clint Taylor

    Main Title Storyboard::(S1 Only)

    Dick Sebast

    Main Title Background Painters: (S1 Only)

    William Dely
    Sung Woo Hong
    Abel Laxamana
    Sai Ping Lok

    Color Key Artists:

    Derdad Aghamalian(Pilot Only)
    Kathrin Drorian(BS)
    Cathy O’Leary(S1)
    Tina Oliva(Pilot Only)

    Cel Painters:

    Josephine Contreras(S2)
    Christine Miller(S2)
    Jose Alfonso Perez(S1)
    Robert ‘Bob’ Watts(BS)

    Storyboards By:

    Mike Bennett(S2)
    George Booker(S1)
    Kuni Bowen(S1)
    Dan Fausett(BS)
    Karl Fischer(S2)
    Owen Fitzgerald(S2)
    Kevin Gollaher(S2)
    Joe Horne(S2)
    Elaine Hultgren(S2)
    Scott Jorgensen(BS)
    Dan Kubat(S1)
    Art Mawhinney(BS)
    Doug Murphy(S1)
    Lane Raichert(BS)
    Chris Ratowski(S1)
    Dave Rodriguez(S1)
    Keith Sargent(S2)
    Clint Taylor(BS)
    Karl Toerge(S2)
    Scott Wood(S2)

    Storyboard Supervisor:

    Michael Swanigan(Pilot Only)
    Clint Taylor(S1)
    Gary Paul Terry(Pilot Only)
    Joseph P. Dempsey(S2)

    Storyboard Revisions:

    Pat Agnasin(S2)
    Brian Chin(S1)
    E.R. Cruz(S2)
    George Lafayette(S2)
    Rusty Olson(S2)
    Mark Page(S2)
    Mark Rubinchik(S2)
    Steve Simone(S2)
    Todd White(S2)
    Charlie Zembillas(S1)

    Storyboard Slugging:

    Kent Butterworth(S2)
    Vincent Davis(S1)
    Robert G. Hathcock Jr.(S1)
    Walt Kubiak(S2)
    Marsh Lamore(S1)
    Michel Lyman(S1)
    Ron Myrick(S2)
    Dick Sebast(S1)
    Richard Trueblood(S1)

    Layout By:(Pilot Only)


    Layout Supervisor:(S1 Only)

    Clint Taylor

    Animation Timing:

    Max Becraft(S1)
    Kent Butterworth(BS)
    John Cataldi(S1)
    Rudy Cataldi(S1)
    Zeon Davush(S2)
    Mark Glamack(S2)
    Robert G. Hathcock Jr.(S1)
    Walt Kubiak(S2)
    Michel Lyman(S1)
    Warren Marshall(S2)
    Marlene May(S2)
    Ron Myrick(S2)
    Brenda Piluso(S2)
    Jim Simon(S2)
    Richard Trueblood(BS)
    Bob Tyler(S2)
    James West(S2)
    Bernie Wolfe(S2)

    Music Editor:

    Pete Fausone(S1)
    Steve Griffen(S1)
    Stuart Goetz(S2)

    Music Supervisor:

    Joanne Miller(BS)

    Main Title Theme:(‘The Fastest Thing Alive’)

    NOISY NEIGHBORS Productions

    Music by:

    Matt Muhoberac(S2)
    Michael Tavera(BS; just additional music in S2)
    John Zuker(S2)

    Executive In Charge Of Post Production:(S2 Only)

    Kevin McLaughlin

    Post Production Supervisor:(S1 Only)

    Richard S. Gannon(assisted by Kimberly C. Francis)

    Post Production Coordinator:(S2 Only)

    Kathleen Mary O’Hara

    Administrative Assistant:

    Ted Supa(BS)

    Supervising Editor:

    Gregory K. Bowron(BS)

    Picture/Film Editors:

    Richard Allen(BS)
    Richard Bruce Elliott(BS)
    Ron Fedele(BS)
    C.K. Horness(S2)
    Donald P. Zappala(BS)

    Assistant Picture Editor:(S2 Only)

    Kris Gilpin

    Supervising Sound Engineer:

    Michael J. Cowan(BS)

    Dialogue Editors:

    Trudy Alexander(BS)
    Heather C. Elliott(BS)
    Peter Tomaszewicz(S1)

    Format Editors:(S1 Only)

    C.K. Horness
    Mark A. McNally
    Susan Odjakjian

    Post Production Sound Effects Audio:(S2 Only)

    Gnome Productions

    Supervising Sound Effects Editor:

    Michael Mancini(S1)
    Bruce Nazarian m.p.s.e.(S2)

    Sound Effects Editors:

    Greg Beaumont(S1)
    Robert Hargreaves(S1)
    Jason King(S2)

    Re-Recording Engineers:

    Bruce Nazarian m.p.s.e.(S2)
    Dennis Patterson(S2)
    Hector Rosa(S1)

    Videotape/post Supervisors:

    Fifun A. Amini(BS)
    James B. Epstein(S1)
    Tonda Lark-Saska(BS)


    Brian Borne(BS)

    Video Editors:(S1 Only)

    Brian A. Lettieri
    Karen Snyder

    Dubbing Assistant:(S1 Only)

    Kristopher S. Daly
    James B. Epstein

    On-Line Editor:(S2 Only)

    Brian A. Lettieri

    Editing Assistants:

    Mel Ashkenas(Pilot Only)
    Barry Bindell(BS)
    Scott Cooper(S1)
    Kendra D. Drapkin(BS)
    Kris Gilpin(S1)

    Animation Production by:


    Overseas Animation Supervisor:

    Doug Williams(BS)

    Characters and Name Licensed From:



    Coproduced by RETITALIA, s.p.a. in association with TELECINCO