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    October 2nd, 2011 by

    Is an attempt at a SatAM fangame, by IronRind. He has graciously allowed us to feature it on this Website. And in fact, we were a bit of inspiration for this work of a game!

    The Game Features SatAM Characters, as well as characters from the traditional SEGA series adapted for the SatAM world. The Game goes for a ‘Hardcore Angle’ that’s even a bit dark than your usual SatAM World.

    More information on this Game will come forth, as more becomes available from the Author, who will keep us up to Date! This site is more of a ‘Place Holder’ At the Moment.


    Download DEMO Version 2.5
    Download DEMO Version 2.0

    Ironrind’s Website
    IronRind’s Deviantart
    Sonic Neb 1.0 Youtube
    Sonic Neb 2.0 Youtube (Turn off sound. Music is Horrible.)