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    October 2nd, 2011 by

    FUS recently had the opportunity to help bring SatAM to other languages of the world.  Through the efforts of many of our forum members, we were able to transcribe every episode of SatAM.  These transcripts were then used to make subtitled episodes in French and Spanish.  Thanks to all of our forum members for making this possible.  We now make these transcripts available to everyone else.  We invite anyone else to use these resources to translate SatAM to even more languages.  Let’s take SatAM to the world!

    Pilot Episode – Heads or TailsTranscribed by: HazyAssaulter (Taylor Nast)

    Episode 1 – Sonic BoomTranscribed by: HazyAssaulter (Taylor Nast)

    Episode 2 – Sonic & SallyTranscribed by: HazyAssaulter (Taylor Nast)

    Episode 3 – Ultra SonicTranscribed by: HazyAssaulter (Taylor Nast)

    Episode 4 – Sonic and the Secret ScrollsTranscribed by: MoKat

    Episode 5 – Super SonicTranscribed by: MoKat

    Episode 6 – Sonic RacerTranscribed by: btstlouis

    Episode 7 – Harmonic SonicTranscribed by: MoKat

    Episode 8 – Hooked on SonicsTranscribed by: Salamander

    Episode 9 – Sonic’s NightmareTranscribed by: Saber (Steven Wood)

    Episode 10 – Warp SonicTranscribed by: Saber (Steven Wood)

    Episode 11 – Sub-SonicTranscribed by: MoKat

    Episode 12 – Sonic Past CoolTranscribed by: MoKat

    Episode 13 – Game GuyTranscribed by: Ultimate Hammer Bro

    Episode 14 – Sonic ConversionTranscribed by: SoulTenor

    Episode 15 – No BrainerTranscribed by: Saber (Steven Wood)

    Episode 16 – Blast to the Past (Part 1)Transcribed by: Bryan Davis

    Episode 17 – Blast to the Past (Part 2)Transcribed by: Bryan Davis

    Episode 18 – Fed Up with Antoine / Ghost Busted Transcribed by: Saber (Steven Wood)

    Episode 19 – DulcyTranscribed by: Saber (Steven Wood)

    Episode 20 – The VoidTranscribed by: MoKat

    Episode 21 – The Odd Couple / Robecca – Transcribed by: Saber (Steven Wood)

    Episode 22 – Cry of the Wolf – Transcribed by: MoKat

    Episdoe 23 – Drood Henge – Transcribed by: MoKat

    Episode 24 – Spyhog – Transcribed by: MoKat

    Episode 25 – The Doomsday Project – Transcribed by: John Roberts