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    July 12th, 2011 by

    I’ve noticed over the years that several rumors have started pertaining to the SatAM universe, only to realize that several of them aren’t true or aren’t the whole truth. Below is a list of current rumors, and corrections and truths about them:

    RUMOR: The SatAM series was based off the Archie comic series and its characters.

    FACT: It’s the other way around, Archie was based off the SatAM series. DiC created all the characters that are in SatAM including Sally, Bunnie and Dulcy. ALSO it was ARCHIE that screwed up Antoine and made him brave rather than making him a coward like in the SatAM series. The reason the comic came out first is because it takes a lot less time to develop a comic verses a whole cartoon series.

    RUMOR: After Ultra Sonic aired, there was somewhat of an uproar at Sega headquarters about Sonic crying. DiC was told Sonic was never allowed to cry in the series again.

    FACT: Sega had no control whatsoever over SatAM. They got the scripts and that’s it. If someone from Sega said something to DiC, it wouldn’t have affected the outcome of any episodes at all. The writers only have one boss to listen to, and they had to listen to ABC, not Sega.

    RUMOR: Blast to the Past part 2 screwed up. It showed a scene where Bunnie was about to be roboticized, but Sonic and Sally shut it down before she gets part way roboticized, and it never changes how Bunnie looks in the future. If she wasn’t roboticized at that moment, she shouldn’t be, period.

    FACT: Let me tell you, I’m so sick of hearing this. This is more or less a correction… who said Bunnie HAD to be roboticized in Blast to the Past part 2? My guess is she was roboticized along the line somewhere, NOT in that episode.

    RUMOR: At the end of the Doomsday destruction scene, we see Robotnik’s hover unit fly off the screen but we don’t see what happened to it.

    FACT: In reality, that’s the Freedom Fighter’s hover unit, you can tell by the colors. Robotnik’s hover unit ended up in the Void.

    RUMOR: The eyes behind Snively at the very end of Doomsday belonged to Metal Sonic.

    FACT: I want to know who started this! For crying out loud it was Naugus, not Metal Sonic or Knuckles, NAUGUS! See the Lost 3rd Season page for more information.

    RUMOR: A third season of SatAM was never made because of image cels being sold illegally.

    FACT: This is also incorrect, the real reason is because it didn’t get the ratings it needed and the new president of ABC didn’t like the show, so he had it canceled. Once again see the Lost 3rd Season page for more information.

    RUMOR: There were episodes of the 3rd season made that never aired, they’re somewhere in DiC’s vault. (also I’ve heard of a second part to Doomsday airing in some areas…)

    FACT: The 3rd Season got as far as about the first five episodes being laid out, nothing else. No episodes, no storyboards, no nothing else, just planning.

    RUMOR: Image cels of SatAM were recalled and are illegal to own.

    FACT: This is not true, I own several cels and so do other people. You also see them on Ebay sometimes. In fact, Ben Hurst himself owns a couple of them 🙂