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    View CommentsWhat is SatAM?

    July 12th, 2011 by

    ‘SatAM’ is the fan-created name to describe the 1993-1995 ABC Saturday Morning ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ animated television series based off the franchise character of the video game company, Sega, and offers a look at a war between the heroic Knothole Freedom Fighters of Mobius, and the sadistic tyranny of the dictator Dr. Robotnik. The Freedom Fighters consist partly of the champion of the cause, Sonic, and the Princess of Mobius, Sally, while the forces of evil under the dictator Robotnik are mostly composed of Snively and various robots made in factories that constantly pollute the planet.

    It was made by animation powerhouse DiC Entertainment, and it’s debut occurred on Saturday Morning, September 18, 1993, on the ABC Television Network in the United States, as well as the CTV Television Network in Canada, who were simulcasting many shows on the ABC lineup as well. It’s run would last for 2 seasons, with the last episode airing for the first time on Saturday, December 3, 1994, and came to it’s end on June 3, 1995, on ABC, and on September 2, 1995 on CTV. It was to have had a 3rd season animated, but the management changes at ABC caused those plans to be shelved. It would later re-surface on the USA Network in 1996(albeit in an edited fashion), but would leave the North American TV airwaves for the last time in 1997.

    Ever since, the show’s absence has had it’s fans talk about what would have happened if a 3rd season was ever animated, and has helped to keep the spirit of the show alive. In recent years, the head writer of the show has interacted with the fans, and the whole show has seen a DVD release. It has even been re-broadcast in many other countries around the world too. Whatever the future of the show may be, it will still have it’s loyal fans, ready to do what they can to make sure the tales of the Knothole Freedom Fighters isn’t forgotten to the mists of time.