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    October 2nd, 2011 by

    A few people out there have made some way past SatAM songs that I have enjoyed. You also may hear these on various pages as MIDIs, but obviously, the MP3s and RMs are in a little better quality.


    Heres some Awesome SatAM Music for you! It’s in MP3 Format unless specified otherwise.

    SatAM Orginal Theme – Orignal Theme.

    SatAM Theme – ‘Noisy Neighbors’ Theme.

    SatAM Theme (Midi) – by Edan Koch

    SatAM Orignal Season 1 Credits Theme (instrumental version.) – The one with the Guitar in place of words.

    Title Card Theme – Daaaa daaaddda da.. Dadddaa.. DADA! You know this one. 😉

    Ending Theme – The End Music, that plays during the Credits.

    Ending Theme (Instrumental) – And instrumental version of the end theme.

    Fastest Thing Alive Remix – By Lupus!

    SatAM Rap Remix – By Red XVI

    SatAM Happy Remix – By Red XVI

    Sonic’s Theme – By L4

    Sonic’s Theme (Midi) – By L4

    Robotnik’s Theme – By L4

    Robotnik’s Theme (Midi) – by L4

    Sonic’s Theme (Heads or Tails Version, Midi) – By L4

    Fanfare 1 – By L4

    Fanfare 1 (Midi) – By L4

    Let’s Do It, To It! – By L4

    Let’s Do It To It! (Midi) – By L4

    Ring Theme – By L4

    Ring Theme (Midi) – By L4

    Season 1 Ending (That Little “Tune” at the end of the Episodes Before Credits! ;-)) – By L4

    Title Theme – By L4

    Title Theme (Midi) – By L4

    Knothole Theme – By Edan Koch

    Unreleased Music

    These Tracks were found by Cheezmatt, of the FUS Forums by contacting Michael Tavera, who if you don’t know, was the music composer for the first season of SatAM. Unselfishly and surprisingly, Mr. Tavera was willing to send Cheezmatt a CD of some of Season 1’s music. Here it is for your Enjoyment.

    Track 1 – A melody of SatamSonic tunes at 48k (A MUST DOWNLOAD)
    Track 2 – The same as track 1 only at 44.1k
    Track 3 – Unused Theme song (I like how they mention Sally in this one)
    Track 4 – Another unused theme XD
    Track 5 – Yet another, unused theme song
    Track 6 – Similar to track 5 with more… err.. things
    Track 7 – Yep, you gussed it. ANOTHER unused theme song (really makes you realize why they picked the one they did)
    Track 8 – Some unused music, sounds kinda like Robotropolis battle music
    Track 9 – Unused victory music
    Track 10 – Something that sounds like Indiana Jones music
    Track 11 – ROBOTROPOLIS straight from Season 1 (actutally this one is more upbeat)
    Track 12 – I dunno why this was included, it’s some Sonic 2 music.

    Voice Clips

    Following Are Voice Clips! Thanks to Ingjald of the FUS forums for Providing //Swedish// Voice Rips!

    Sonic Conversion

    Snively: Sir, your virtual reality Shriek-Bot is ready for flight…
    Snively: And I’m very excited for you, your immense density…
    Sonic: Lay the juice on me, Sal!
    Sonic: Man, that sucker cranks serious!
    Bunnie is deroboticised.
    Sonic with one of his witty remarks to Robotnik (funny).
    Sonic: Spin and win time, Baldo! And you lose!

    Cry of The Wolf

    Snively: I hate you! I hate you bo-o-o-th!
    All FFs: All for one and one for all! Freedom Fighters FOREVER!

    Drood Henge

    Tails warns Snively of Sonic.
    SWATBot: Hedgehog, priority one! (Sonic yells in the background)
    Snively: Where is that rotten hedghog? Whatwasthat??!
    Sonic tortues and tricks Snively.
    Snively: Oh, I hate my life.
    Snively makes a side comment about Robotnik’s attitude.
    Sally lets Tails go on a mission! (this had to be cut up a bit)
    Dulcy is touched quite a bit by Tails growing up.
    Sonic: Hedgehog juicin’ on the fast track!
    Sonic tricks the SWaTBots then knocks them flat.
    Robotnik yelling orders to his SWATBots; he wants that stone.
    Sonic starts to believe Robotnik is ‘slipping.’
    Sonic: Here comes the dramatic entrance!
    Tails is made an official Freedom Fighter!


    Antoine: Yes! No! Yes! No!
    Snively: Margerine! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Antoine: Margerine??!
    Uncle Chuck I see they found his weekness. Sonic: One of them.
    Antoine: Ohhh! Oh, the poor little snails!

    The Doomsday Project

    Ari: A straight assult won’t work Princess…
    Sally and Lupe count down to the invasion.
    Snively makes a side comment on Robotnik’s decisions.
    Sonic reports and hopes Ant won’t trip over anything.
    Ari and Lupe are captured.
    The Knothole gang find out the others have been captured.
    Sonic decides to ‘wing it’ on his own.
    Snively doubts Robotnik’s decision to only capture Sonic.
    Snively: I have a bad feeling about this.
    Sonic is set up to be roboticised.
    Robotnik: This is unbelievable! This can’t be happening!
    Snively: The fool should’ve listened to me! But no-o-o!
    Antoine: Oh no! we are doom-ed!
    Sonic finds Robotnik’s power stone.
    Sally tells Sonic she’s with him, however it ends.
    Snively: Sir, sir! The Hedgehog is back!
    Sally and Sonic connect the Deep Power Stones and ‘do it to it.’
    Snively: You don’t give me enough credit, Julian!
    Robotnik’s final words in SatAM truely show how much he hated Sonic.
    Sonic: All right! Way past cool! Ro-butt-nik’s gone!
    Sally: You’ll always be my hero Sonic Hedgehog.
    The croud chants for their ultimate victory.
    The final scene of SatAM. No other comment.

    Swedish Voice Clips

    Antoine (Swedish)
    Bunnie 1 (Swedish)
    Bunnie 2 (Swedish)
    Dulcy – Ari – (Swedish)
    Hoverbots (Swedish)
    Lupe (Swedish)
    Snively (Swedish)
    Sonic & Robotink (Swedish)
    Sonic & Sally (Swedish)
    Sonic – Nicole (Swedish)
    Uncle Check (Swedish)