Ch7 Page 1 (Draft)

OKay so…We were dead for a very long time.  There were plenty of reasons behind this..But lets just say we are trying to get everything rolling again.  Originally I was hoping to start pushing out new pages in January or latest February..But it has taken some time to get use to doing things again.  Especially for our artists.  Tim had to semi teach himself how to draw this style again.  And Stephen had to basically learn to colour again.     And I just had to stop being lazy and start organizing things again.   After being a slacker when it comes to S3 and FUS for the last bit.. Reasons for some of that is just life.
My daughter is turning 10 in another week (Ugh Im old).  She is turning into a little artist herself.  Constantly drawing and reading comics.  So..Watching all that recently really made me want to get this going again.

Ive also had some help with some other friends in regards to getting this on its feet.  You know who you are if you are reading this.


Anyways so this is obviously not a completed page…We do have completed pages done but Im waiting for a bit larger backlog before we start pushing those out.  Will hopefully prevent future delays.   ALSO…Due to Tim working on another comic, and some other things are are going to push chapter 7 out in a bi weekly format.    Im not sure what day we are going to publish on…Be either a Monday or a Friday.    That stuff will come later.

Anyways, here is a page 1 teaser for you lot.

Thanks for being patient with us.