Tim’s Retirement

Yep, I’ve decided that it is time to concentrate on my own original content. That means I need to start cutting projects from my life to put my best in it. So today I’m announcing my imminent retirement from Sea3on. ;_; It’s so sad. I’ve already finished my final page, and we already have a shortlist of artists trying out to replace me for pencils and inks.


Uhm…I wanna say thank you to Paul for that opportunity he gave me years ago. This was my first paying artist job, and I’ve loved this project. It was one of my dream jobs from when I was very young, and to get to do it myself is just….awesome. It’s been an honor being your pencil and ink artist. Leaving is vey hard, and drawing that final page was…emotional. XP o_o;

I’ll still be hanging around here, and I wanna help in any way Paul will let me, lol. I still love this project, and will always be a big supporter of it. It’s just time for me to take the next step.


Follow me on Twitter @timcampbe or Instagram @tim_j_campbell to keep in touch with me and my personal projects. Appreciate every one of you, and thank you for helping me learn over the years.