Chapter 7 Page 22    ….Tims Last Page

And with this we have Tims last page….

So this isn’t the last you will see or hear of Tim on Sea3on.  He is still staying aboard to help things out…And basically be a damn good advisor.  Plus he is helping find a replacement for himself.   And we have a decent group doing a try out as we speak.

On other matters…I would just like to thank Tim for his time and hard work doing Sea3on.  I hate loosing him as a artist…But I also know his talent has continued to grow since being here…And in order for him to grow further he does have to start doing more on his own work.   So thank you Tim.


Is sea3on now dead?  Nope.   I do know we will take a few weeks off for sure….And I will update you later.   As said before we do have a group of people currently in trials..So…See you soon.