New line artist Riggo!

So yes, Riggo is our new line and ink artist. Which is actually pretty awesome because he works with both Tim and Laura in other works. Tim helped teach him how to ink etc in the past so… Things are looking pretty awesome.

It will take a bit to post anything…we are going to be creating a back log…about 4 to 5 strips before we start posting public. Seeing as we have the guys 2 weeks to produce there bit…might take a bit. But sometimes things get faster.

Basically what we are planning is to give Riggo 2 weeks then Laura 2. And keep a 2 week schedule like that. So we stay with our big weekly updates.

Also…Tim isn’t gone. He was going to stick around anyways and help out with things. Help me edit and just make sure things run smoothly. Tim has been a huge help in that part from the start.

But after some talks the other night with him…me and him have something else planned for you lot. So stay tuned.

Also check out Riggo’s DA