Hare Care P11

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  1. Tyler C

    Cute. And I wonder what the results are for Bunnie’s new hair color?

  2. Mechtail

    I’m guessing same color but new hair style.

  3. jprime

    Panel 1: There should be a comma at the end of “Well”.

    Panel 3: Ditto “lucky”. Also, you misspelled “grateful”.

  4. KRUSA1

    i think it’s going to be the hairstyle from the Archie comics before the series got cancelled
    here’s and image to show you what i mean

  5. KRUSA1

    or upon 2nd thought any of her hair-styles in the pre super-genesis wave timeline in the Archie comics

  6. KRUSA1

    what do you think her new hairstyle could be as long as it remains true to the comics I’ll be real happy if not….I’ll be a bit bummed but I’ll live with it

  7. randomizer

    Sally said she’d love to see how the hair came out. She might eat her words if it really did come out.

  8. Subreon

    yup. that’s a big ol shipperoni and cheese pizza right there.

  9. Tyler C

    @Subreon bruh, just stop already. It ain’t gonna happen in this comic so keep lying to yourself and I will keep making fun of how pathetic you are for misinterpreting something that isn’t at all what you poorly perceive it as.

  10. E. Mason

    @Tyler C: Actually, Subreon’s really not wrong to pick up that vibe from this story; Sally and Sonic may be Romantically involved, but she’s got plenty of love to share, especially with someone she has as close a relationship with as Bunnie.

  11. Subreon

    thanks mason. i was mostly joking anyway though. but even if i was entirely serious, tyler needs a major fucking chill pill. one of the biggest overreactions to such a mundane thing i’ve ever seen.

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