Chapter 8 Page 09

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay again. We’re about to transition the comic to, which is also the shiny new website for Sea3on Animated! Hopefully these technical difficulties will disappear once the move is complete. We don’t have an exact ETA on the move, but we don’t expect it to take more than a couple of weeks. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to find the comic whether you look for it on FUS or the new website.

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  1. Tyler C

    Something tells me Knothole is gonna get invaded well after the Freedom Fighters come across Knuckles and another anomalous relic, because I have my doubts that your gonna include the “Knothole getting crushed” concept this much before Robotnik eventually returns. If that happens at all that is.

  2. jprime

    I had no idea this had been up for two days.

  3. SonicFan0706

    Idk about knuckles showing up but I like everything else you mentioned

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