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Once Upon A Time, there was a little cartoon show called “Sonic the Hedgehog”. It was based on a popular Video Game series of the same name, and told the story of a world called Mobius, once peaceful but now ruled by the iron-fisted Empire of Dr. Robotnik and his machines; a rag-tag group of youngsters who had escaped the evil Doctor’s clutches, however, joined together to take his empire apart piece by piece and restore their home to its former glory: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, Miles “Tails” Prower, Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor Walrus, and Antoine D’Coollette, collectively known as The Freedom Fighters. Despite only running for two seasons and bearing only the faintest resemblance to the Games it was adapted from, “Sonic the Hedgehog”, affectionately referred to as “SatAM” due to its Saturday-Morning airtime to distinguish it from other Sonic cartoons, managed to earn itself a passionate and dedicated fan-base. “Fans United For SatAM” is an outgrowth of that fanbase, a website dedicated to celebrating the show’s memory and why we all enjoyed it.

Part of that dedication, however, involves addressing the shows greatest Unsolved Mystery: its conclusion. The second (and sadly final) season of the show ended with a powerful cliffhanger, revealing that even though Robotnik had seemingly been removed from power, his nephew Snivley was ready to take the reins, and worse, he had an unknown accomplice! Unfortunately, the show was not renewed for a Third Season, and so the fans were left to wonder just what would have happened if it had continued. “Fans United For SatAM” sought to answer that question with a fan-made Web Comic, dubbed “Sea3on”, which would act as the hypothetical Third Season of the show and portray events that occurred after the end of its Second Season. For various reasons, this first incarnation of the Comic only lasted a few issues before the original creative team behind it had to leave.

At the end of 2009, however, a new creative team was selected, and “Sea3on” began anew! Updated with a new page every Friday, “Sea3on” tells the continuing struggle of the Freedom Fighters, now up against new enemies and on new adventures!

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  1. ThatSatAMfan

    Come back another time?! >:( That could be a whole year! Or longer!!

  2. AnotherSatAMfan

    that’s a fantastic point.

  3. Justin

    Great job on these pages, the detail & artistry is FANTASTIC

  4. sabamarvin

    Wonderful, would like to be a subscriber.

  5. Spike

    I just stumbled onto the comic recently. Keep up the great work!

  6. knucklesgirl

    is their anything us sonic fans can do to help bring Sonic SatAM back on t.v or something?. what is it we can do to continue makeing season. come on I really want to see knuckles the echidna. please. reply back.

  7. Gammaray94

    Let’s keep this comic running for a few more years, then when it’s all famous and stuff, we can all petition and DIC will make season 3. Ad all the SatAM fans will live happily ever after! The end.

  8. StormSpotterFox

    I was linked to this comic by a member of Sonic Blast forum. All I can say is thank you all for the creation of this comic and the continued effort to keep it rolling. It certainly brings back memories.

  9. dr.awesome

    This series needed to be continue it was “replace” with power rangers as I learn for deviantart.com don’t worry i spoke for the fans on that post with this reply to it
    wait wait back up They cancel Sonic satAM for power rangers THE GREATEST SONIC SERIES EVER KNOW for power rangers THIS is why good TV network TBS,USA…umm ABC and cartoon network are still ok, ya thats it 4 networks
    the TV people want why they are losing to the internet CAUSE THE GOOD SHOW ARE STILL ON THERE someone tell me what year were tv producer replace with monkeys? what was the year when TV died so I make a time machine and tell them there idoits

  10. Sweeple

    It was a real treat to come across this comic today. The artwork, characterisation and the tenderness between the characters captures the old SatAM spirit. I’ll be watching avidly for updates now. Thank you for all your effort! 😀

  11. Zandor 12

    dr.awesome, SatAM wasn’t replaced by Power Rangers. The two shows were on at the same time – SatAM was on ABC, Power Rangers was on FOX. The two competed for ratings, and Power Rangers won. SatAM was still doing okay-ish, but ABC was run by idiots who decided that a Free Willy cartoon in which the damn whale talked would do better, so they pulled the plug just when things were getting good, as they did with Reboot.

  12. Phaazoid

    Holy crap I loved this show! awesome!

  13. new FUS follower

    i recently discovered SatAM show on youtube somehow, and i watched the whole 2 seasons. i love the characters, the atmosphere and the story it self… and when i found out about the ”lost” 3th season, it realy disappointed me, and to be honest i feel realy sad about ho it edned,- unfinished…

    and if i understand this, the FUS is making a on-site comic, to finish the story or something..? i realy like that and i love how oather feel determined to finish something that was taken awy and lost for ever, because of some pile of crap politics… (f**k you Power Rangers).

    i realy liked the SatAM, hope you guys finish the 3th season on this site, from this week on, i becme determined, to revive and bring back SatAM, this is something i will spend alot of my life-time on, i hope i will sucseed sometime! and allthrough you think ”ow this kid is stupid, whf does he think he is, and what he can do?!” – well belive me, i know what i’m up against and what i will do. the miserable conflicts and shit a and the final result, made me change my way of thinking somehow..


  14. Noctis the Fox

    New FUS follower, thats the same way i found about and fell in love with SatAm. Screw you Power Rangers. Listen man, I feel the same way you do and I want to join you in this fight. Im very dedicated to SatAm, and I want to make a difference by actually doing something. I when i heard about SatAM not having a 3rd season, I felt like a void in my heart and life.SatAM became a part of my life. I too know what im up against and the odds but im actually going to try to go the Sega Building and Fight for SatAM, and i know that people dont believe in me, and i dont care, they arent doing anything to help. People, come aid my cause and some others by, you know , actually doing something. Stand Up and Long Live SatAM! New FUS follower join me as well if you can.

  15. Dragonsfire295

    I want to thank you for making this and I’m thanking the admin at antifanfiction for giving me the link to this the show was amazing I wish they didn’t cancel it but a well you can’t always get what you want right.

  16. Superintendent

    I see this like ReBoot, a necessary show of the 90’s, everyone knew this and loved it, But as soon as it was cancelled, it was as if no-one ever heard of it or it never existed. Two great shows, shot down by the very companies that regretted doing it years later and replaced with rubbish (here in the uk) that barely lasted over a month from being horrible replacements. If ReBoot can be resurrected back into the light, so can Sonic SATAM.

    Hell, I remember watching this every Saturday with my uncle (R.I.P.) and brother. We all loved it and thought it was better than the rest of the shows on tv. I think after the whole Sonic X issue, we need to show new generations what Sonic used to be like and what better way than to tie in with the 20th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog.

    If the comic for sea3on ever gets animated, it should be done either as the rest of the series in style or done in anime similar to the Sonic CD cutscenes. Surprised that was never used for the basis of a sonic cartoon in story and/or style.

  17. REDHAWK24

    Whilst downloading a Sonic game for my phone of all places, I found an this site completely by accident whilst downloading a Sonic game for my phone. You guys have blown my socks off with this comic. It’s absolutely amazing! I read the backlog in one sitting.

    I always thought that Sonic SATAM was the best sonic adaptation (and still do) I used to wake up especially early on Sunday’s to watch it. The original series was great and shouldn’t have been ended so soon and on such a cliffhanger? Never knowing the end always bothered me.

    Me too being a comic writer and illustrator, would say Sea3on surpasses the original for the artistry and depth that has been brought to all the characters. Keep up the great work! And if you ever need a writer? Well… 😉

    PS – Will Robotnik’s Metal Sonic make an appearance? 😀

  18. Aleksander

    This is an AMAZING comic. Thank you all so much for your work!

  19. Lito290

    I love this commic. Please keep up to date with it. Great job and great illistrations.

  20. Nipago

    Great comic love it and as fan I would see new Ep of satam.
    but if you really want to know what happen after se 2 in Satam you could look up the original comic they continues the story there.

    BUT as I sad I like this comic and the story is not bad, It’s wellmade if you ask me

  21. Sonicfan

    I want more satAM. I love the series and please continue to make more sucess and please make videos.

  22. Dirvinator

    Sea3on is pure awesomeness, rapped in awesomeness, covered in awesomeness, deep fried in awesomeness and signed by Chuck Norris

  23. MechaAshura20

    Fans would do whatever to make characters from SatAM/Archie “more better” for others who complained about it. But how “more better” can the characters get?

  24. Audrix

    Sonic SatAM were, is, and WILL be best series. I watched SatAM episodes, the ending was bit little confusing in the last episode… and… where is Season 3?! I found in Sonic Wiki, and it’s fantastic work! Maybie there is still a HOPE, that season 3 will appear. No matter, it will be official or fan-made, comic or animated series. KEEP IT UP, guys, and GOOD LUCK!


    P.S. Sorry for my english.

  25. Dav246

    Is this still a thing? I haven’t seen an update in like 3 months now. Love it by the way, I think it is amazing, but why stop there? I see potential here for things I previously thought impossible. In this day and age, there are lots of quality movie makers online. The comic proves you have competent artists, so why not animate it? Then we could even try to get it voiced by some of the original actors, as a couple of them would probably be willing to do it for no money if somebody asked, and then it could even be released on sites like Youtube. My point is, you have a good script. You have competent artists. You have easy to use modern animation/movie making technology. You have a free of charge presentation medium(youtube etc). You even have an advantage over regular TV, in that time is not an issue. Basically, you have everything except for voices, which I mentioned could be resolved by a few phone calls, or well written letters, and if all else fails, then simple captioning. What I am trying to propose is that you have almost everything you need to create a decent fan made continuation of Sonic satam, and if done right, could end the cries for the unjust canceling of this classic show. Yes, I understand the work that it takes to just make a comic, and understand how much work goes into making an animated cartoon, not to mention the possibility of failure and alienation of fans, but just think. What if it succeeds? The rewards would be worth it in the end, at least I believe. So I ask, has anyone ever thought of these possibilities, and even more importantly, is this something that anyone would ever be willing to try? Please, let me know exactly what you think.

  26. ZackTails327

    Yes I would love to see a Sonic The Hedgehog Satam TV Series reunited with the Freedom Fighters. And I would also love to see Tails The Fox be officially Sonic and Sally’s son and Bunnie’s nephew. And maybe see Tails The Fox lead his own team of Freedom Fighters. And Tails is a total BADASS hero ?

  27. N

    Will they ever do this for Sonic Underground?

    We need more people like you!

  28. Whisper

    Gotta love the classics.

  29. MisterSig

    I really like the direction Sea3on has been taking! If you’re a TV executive and you don’t give people a chance to finish their cartoons their way, you’re sure to make enemies. SatAM isn’t the only show to be left on a cliffhanger at the end of S2 even though one more season was planned out. Wander Over Yonder, created by the great Craig McCracken that aired on Disney Channel (and later Disney XD), is a textbook case.

    In the time and age when certain shows like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and We Bare Bears became mega-hits, WOY became one of the shows higher-up executives failed to appreciate. Back in February of 2015, writing on S2 wrapped up, and the S3 pitch was presented to the DTVA and DXD bosses – they liked it. Five months later, one week before the S2 premiere aired, somebody at Disney decided against making more WOY. As a result, S2 wasn’t able to tie all loose ends, not unlike SatAM S2. How’s that for cartoon injustice? If Fish Hooks can get three seasons, why not Wander?

    As a long-time supporter of the SaveWOY campaign, I support the closure the folks of Team Sea3on are aiming to make.

  30. Faiz Najmi

    Can you put chareter and plot element from Sonic Underground ? I like to see them in this universe.

  31. Clay

    I was a little surprised by how the comic went following on who Snively’s accomplice was, as I thought it was supposed to be a certain doppelganger.

  32. Dilandu Albato

    “I was a little surprised by how the comic went following on who Snively’s accomplice was,”

    Well, the plans to make Ixis a new Big Bad for Season 3 were actually confirmed by authors of SATAM.

  33. Superdave

    are they still making the comic?

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