Hare Care – 10

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  1. wingwolfly

    This is so cute. Nex is doing a great job drawing these!

  2. Adam Zabielski

    This has to be among the most adorable post this artist has ever produced. KEEP IT UP!!

  3. dmoney

    Making my heart melt. Awwww

  4. Krishna Dudhee

    Now that is adorable.

  5. Subreon

    omg a kiss. you know what this means bois! ship ship ship ship ship 😀

  6. Tyler C

    @Subreon no, not even close. For one Sonic and Sally are in love, and I’m fairly certain Bunnie prefers guys.

  7. DriftStar

    Glad to see some intimacy between two characters without them being in a proper relationship. It’s always a bother in kid’s media when characters cannot hug and give each other a platonic kiss unless they’re meant to be love interests. I love how it shows Sally’s motherly side to people other than Tails, which is a very interesting thing to see. Such an adorable moment.

  8. UltraGeon

    You know, years ago when I said that I was hoping that this series would try something different other than the eternally overrated and overused Bunnie x Antione pairing… this isn’t exactly what I had in mind…

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