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  1. jprime

    Serious question: How’d he even get into the Resistance in the first place?

  2. wingwolfly

    Dang, I wonder if leaving the power ring behind will have any implications.

  3. Tyler C

    Naugus does have a point.

  4. DMoney

    Why??? Why??? Why do they continue to take Antoine on missions??? Why??

  5. Mythologest

    It really says something when Tails, a ten-year old kid whose only been on two actual missions, is a more competent & capable freedom fighter than Antoine who’d probably be kicked out of a military academy in half a week give or take.

  6. jprime

    @Mythologest Tails is actually 8.

  7. Mythologest

    In the games continuity, he’s 8. In the SatAM continuity, he’s confirmed to be 10.

  8. Nik

    Bottom right corner

    LNR+SNE ,


    could that mean something? ??

  9. sprinkle

    Interesting, so the SatAM creators maybe considered their work to be the “bleak future” (2 years later, since Tails is 2 years old) … seems kinda like a reference to Sonic CD in a way.

    Also “Oof!”

  10. sprinkle


  11. Leif Sanchez

    It’s quiet since this latest page. Too quiet.

  12. Christopher Badeaux

    You’re right about that, because we’ll might be up against a legion of “Development Hellspawns” (that’s I’d been calling those who delay their projects for too long for a while now).

  13. Christopher Badeaux

    You’re right about that.

  14. Christopher Badeaux

    Sorry about that. Grammar errors.

  15. Christopher Badeaux

    Wait’s over! We want more pages, now!

  16. Tyler+C

    Still waiting for Chapter 7 to be made available for download….

    Also, I know you guys are very hard at work with the animated series but you could at least explain the reason for so many delays. Especially since the slogan for updates is “every second friday” or so you say it is.

  17. SonicFan0706

    Well Antoine was Sally’s bodyguard so I guess it kinda makes sense?

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