Chapter 8 Page 07

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  1. Redtop95

    Sonic is still angry at Antoine for giving Knuckles one of the Chaos Emeralds and it’s bleeding into his other grievances with the coyote.

  2. jprime

    Panel 5: There should be a comma at at the end of “one”.

    Also, nice to see my character again.

  3. Tyler+C

    @Redtop95 that wasn’t a Chaos Emerald, that was something else.

    Also, I find it weird how this comic gives Sonic blue eyelids sometimes yet they still make it so his black pupils blink. Hopefully that gets fixed in later pages and future issues.

  4. Mythologest

    Man, Sonic really went to town on Ant this time. Never in the original show was the blue blur this harsh towards him. Also, congrats to Sonic for finally saying what we’ve all been thinking.👍🏻

  5. wingwolfly

    Even though he messed up. I feel kind bad for Antione.
    I really like the color choice for the village though, it feels like it should be too saturated, but it’s not and that’s a really neat balance you’ve pulled off (possibly by making the sky a more greyish blue, I’ll have to stare at it longer).

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