Credits and Linking

Head Writer and Story Developer: E. Mason

Colours and Character Design: Laura Adams

Pencils, Ink, and Character Design: Tim “J” Campbell

Head Producer and Editor of Main Chapters: Paul Scott

Head Producers and Editors of Side Story’s: Paul Scott

Producers and Directors of Sea3on and FUS: Paul Scott

All Side Story Writing and Art are done by one shot individuals.  If you wish to apply for a writer or artist position for one of our shorts please contact Paul at

If you wish to advertise Sea3on on your website or blog please use one of our banners that you can find here: Remember, linking to us helps give Sea3on popularity and more fans. The more fans, the better we get.  Thank you.

For further talk on Sea3on, please join the FUS forums

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  1. limonrj

    Do you all accept donations through PayPal for your work. I think the work you’re producing is excellent for the third season and I am sure others would donate if they could.

  2. Paul

    Donations can be made on the main website, over on the right hand side



  4. Myles

    You guys are doing an awesome job on this series!
    Did you manage to receive my email I sent? I’m worried it didn’t go through.

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