Chapter8 P10

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  1. wingwolfly

    This upload schedule is awesome! Thank you all for your work!

  2. Tyler C

    Uh oh…

  3. Clay

    …WHAT DID NAUGUS JUST DO? I got a really bad feeling Snively will wanna retreat and side with the Freedom Fighters before long

  4. Christopher Badeaux

    Today’s the second Friday of July. New page is coming up any minute now.

  5. alijgf

    That poem rocks. I could imagine it as the lyrics of some occult powermetal. 😀

  6. Christopher Badeaux

    I knew it, the Development Hellspawn invasion had just begun!

  7. Christopher Badeaux

    See! What I told you?

  8. sprinkle

    this is genuinely disturbing. pretty sure our sensitive censors in the 90s would raise an eyebrow at the occult demonology stuff with blood red weirdnes

  9. cxcw242


  10. Christopher Badeaux

    Yet, we’re waiting for a new page still.

  11. Christopher Badeaux

    We still haven’t heard from them yet, so what’s the hold up here?

  12. Tyler C

    Would like an update soon.

  13. Vincent Giannell

    Whatever Naugus plans to do with that power ring, it won’t be good for the Freedom Fighters.

  14. Christopher Badeaux

    I’m beginning to think that we’re being ghosted by a bunch of people lately today.

  15. Hassan Hosny

    I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  16. Christopher Badeaux

    I knew it! I knew that the writers went up and disappeared!

  17. Joel Hunter

    Christopher Badeaux,
    if you’ve been following them as long as I have, you’ll notice that there have been multiple times where they’ve “disappeared”, as you put it, and these are the likeliest reasons I can think of:

    1. This is a side-project they’ve been working on on-and-off for, I believe, the last ten years; like all normal people, myself included, they have lives to live and jobs to do. So unless something comes up that frees up their time, it is unreasonable to expect them to fully commit to something that doesn’t exactly help pay the bills.

    2. They’re also working on an animated version of this series. As someone who’s had a taste of the entertainment industry, I can tell you that putting shows like this together is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially when it’s all being done with little to no budget (from what I can tell, this is all being done out-of-pocket and some donations). And just like the comics, this is also a side-project, and trying to do multiple things at once is just as crazy as doing the one.

    So with all of that in mind, I highly recommend that you take a step back and be patient with them; I’m just as eager as the next person to see what happens next, but constant badgering isn’t going to persuade them to pick things up. If anything, it might convince to do the opposite.
    I hope this has made some sense to you, along with anyone else who’s made it this far, and maybe given you a better appreciation for projects such as this. Take care.

  18. CrashmanTheKook

    I’m just happy to see updates for this year. I remember when I was a teen & first read this. There were months without updates at the best of times. I hope this comic can eventually come to a satisfying conclusion. I’ll probably be in my 40s when/if that happens.

  19. sprinkle

    Happy New Year sonic fans!

  20. Christopher Badeaux

    I knew it. They gave up on this project.

  21. Kody Sharp

    I’m a huge fan of Sonic Satam so what’s the hold up the comic?

  22. Kody Sharp

    Sonic satam season 3 comic and the animation looks great I can’t wait for the big reveal of the first episode so I’ll do my best to support you guys okay

  23. Zarius

    @Christopher Badeax

    As has been explained to you many, many times and will continue to be explained to you, they have not abandoned the project, the project has simply become more than just the comic. They are developing an animated pilot that will hopefully take season three to it’s next logical step, a comic is one thing, but just imagine if they get a green light to go forward with in a televised medium. Animation takes skill and hard work, and unfortunately, it also takes a lot of time. The comic is taking a sabbatical until the team are in a position where they can afford the necccersary time to produce another chapter.

    In the meantime, stop playing chicken little and making false assumptions. Check season three’s twitter or donate to the patreon and you will find they are as active as ever and fixated on delivering a very special product to us fans

  24. Kody Sharp

    So umm 🤔 when is the next animation of Sonic satam ?

  25. Kody Sharp

    And when are you guys are going to make the next chapter 10 page 11???

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