Chapter8 P10

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  1. Kody Sharp

    SONIC SATAM ON JUNE 23,2023?!?

  2. Kody Sharp

    The new Sonic game is awesome 😎

  3. Kody Sharp

    Way past cool 😎!!!!

  4. Selvenity

    I love it

  5. Kody Sharp

    Hello?!? Can you pretty please give us a
    New chapter it’s already been year and
    So far and you guys not keeping your promises
    So what’s the hold up?!?

  6. Kody Sharp

    I’m ready for Sonic Satam season three

  7. Suros

    Good lord, Kody is 25 out of 56 comments…
    Just chill dude. It’s not like you’re paying them for this. They do it because they like it. They can quit if they want, or they can make more if they want. Be happy that they’ve shared all this on their own time and hard work.

  8. Kody Sharp

    I know I’m just tired of waiting

  9. Kody Sharp

    So November is the Sonic Satam season 3 animated
    Series huh

  10. Kody Sharp

    Can’t wait to see it and I know it will be great 👍🏻
    Because you guys are awesome 😎!

  11. Kody Sharp

    Sonic prime season two was amazing

  12. Kody Sharp

    Yo yo what’s up Sonic satam season 3 fans
    I just watch Sonic Prime season two 1 to 8
    And it was really fun and awesome

  13. Claude

    Wow, has it been a year already?

  14. Kody Sharp

    Hey yo Sonic Satam season 3
    Fans what’s up dawg or should I say hedgehogs
    Lol 😂 anyways how are all ya been doing lately?

  15. GD champ

    when are you gonna make an new chapter?!

  16. Kody Sharp

    I know right when
    I’m waiting 🎵

  17. Ben_Herr

    Take your time y’all! Love all of this work so far. Was glad to stumble upon this comic.

  18. Kody Sharp

    Me too but I’m still waiting for the next
    Chapter though

  19. Christopher Badeaux

    I’m beginning to think the next page’s going to be released in October or something.

  20. Kody Sharp

    Yep me too…

  21. Christopher Badeaux

    Because by the looks of this page, I presume the next one’s going to be a Halloween treat for all of us.

  22. GD champ

    Yeah,You’re Right.

  23. Kody Sharp

    Well I’m pretty sure we all will
    Have a great treat for Halloween
    🎃 ☠️👻

  24. Kody Sharp

    If it comes out on Halloween or
    Somewhere in October or maybe November
    Your guess is good as mine….

  25. Kody Sharp

    The Sonic SatAm dvd 📀 came out so I’m
    Thinking about buying it today because I
    Love Sonic The Hedgehog SatAm more
    Then the cancelled Archie Sonic comics!

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