Hare Care Page 12

Hope you liked this short!  Next up..Chapter 8!

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  1. wingwolfly

    This short was really cute! I loved the interactions between the two and Nex did a fantastic job with the writing. Also, even though it was a bit rough in the beginning, I noticed that the upload schedule became more consistent as you guys went on. That takes a lot of work and I wanted to say thank you all for that!

  2. Tyler C

    Cute. I can see that while it doesn’t look too different, it’s definitely a bit newer.

  3. netsuye

    Thanks for keeping up with this. I dont always comment, but i check daily 🙂

  4. Mythologest

    Well I certainly wasn’t expecting her hair to come out perfectly. From Sally’s unceratin & unsure look in part 5 and the fact she’s a self-admitted amateur when it comes to hair care, I was almost-certain it was gonna come out as a disaster. Oh well, I’m glad we’ve finally come to the end. Don’t get me wrong, this short’s been cute & all (the art has been the best this series has done so far), but at the same time, it’ll be great to get back to the main story and see the FF start the chaos emerald hunt proper and what evil scheme Snively & Naugus will cook up next.

  5. Tyler C

    Still waiting for Chapter 7 to finally be available for download…whenever that’s going to happen.

  6. sprinkle

    Awesome short, really engaging artwork and message, super!

  7. KRUSA1

    nice! me gusta indeed!

  8. KRUSA1

    i wonder if we will see team chaotix in this comic?

  9. DriftStar

    So glad to see a short where characters can just breathe and be themselves. I’d love to see them more between the action!

  10. Mythologest

    @KRUSA1 Suppose it’s a possibility since they made their first appearance in 1995, not too far off of SatAM’s time period. Though they’re probably gonna be more of a freedom fighter group than a detective agency.

  11. Myles

    Love these short comics in-between the chapters. I’d really like to see a Tails based short after the end of the next chapter of the main series.

  12. Ishapar

    Mate, this looks terrific.

  13. Muppet

    “updated every 2nd friday” yeah bullshit, more like updates every 2 months

  14. Tyler C

    @Muppet you can’t rush art! Give them some time, especially since they’re also animating the cartoon version of this comic. So don’t be an asshole just because they’re not living up to your preferred schedule.

  15. KRUSA1

    @Mythologest I’m cool with that the chaotix actually did appear as a freedom fighter group so go ahead those boys and girls have my blessing

  16. KRUSA1

    in the Archie comics i mean almost forgot sorry

  17. DMoney

    So, not to sound impatient… but when is the next page coming? It has been like 4 months lol. No complaints, this is an outstanding comic, just hoping the artists/writers did not give up on it…

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