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  1. jprime

    Here’s how I expected the first two panels to go:

    Panel 1
    Sonic: What’s he got on you, Sal?
    Sally: What do you mean?

    Panel 2
    Sonic: Why do you keep him around, even though he’s hopelessly incompetent?!

  2. Redtop95

    Here’s my theory: which is probably proven completely wrong by the next page or more.

    Is Sonic acting like this way because the writers wanted a throwback to the days of Bipolar Sonic in Season 2? No.

    Sonic has had his ups and downs before. But I’ve noticed a pattern of insecurity that occasionally flares up now and then.

    Notice how, when Knuckles told the Freedom Fighters that the main reason he has to protect the Chaos Emeralds from Naugus was because of Sonic and Sally using the Power Stones, the blue blur immediately gets angry and defensive? How he immediately starts putting Knuckles down and dismissing his work as inconsequential because he didn’t pull his weight and fight Robotnik?

    Or how, at the Freedom Fighter meeting, when Dirk begins to question Sally’s leadership and calls her a child, Sonic’s instant reaction is to resort to petty insults, inadvertently proving Dirk right?

    All this has been brought about from the fact that it seemed like he had beat Robotnik once and for all and that everything seemed to be alright again. Now they have to start from scratch and not only fight someone who is significantly more competent than Robotnik but a sorcerer with his own agenda.

    There’s no time for mistakes now. No time for incompetence, and he sees Antoine as the horse with the bum leg. Especially after he handed over one of the Chaos Emeralds to Knuckles after everything they’d been through.

  3. wingwolfly

    @Redtop95 Those are really good observations. I hadn’t even considered that Sonic might be extra mad because of the chaos emerald thing.
    Since Gavin is around to hear the hedgehog’s rant, I’m assuming he’ll report it to Dirk (because he’s supposed to look for a weakness in the Freedom Fighters).

  4. SonicFan32

    Glad this is moving, and wow sonic finally loses composure. Antoine really needs this and I hope he improves. Sorry but sonic is right, he needs to change right now.

  5. TylerC

    @Redtop95 I don’t think that was a Chaos Emerald, it was probably just some other anomalous energy stone. We should wait until more info becomes available before we jump to any conclusions.

  6. Redtop95

    @TylerC It’s a Chaos Emerald. Chapter 5 made it abundantly clear.

  7. SonicFan0706

    The main reason why I didn’t like him in the show was cause of how annoying and unfunny he was. Besides the scene where Snivley tortures him with badly prepared French dishes there is basically nothing I liked about him outside of his voice

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