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    View CommentsKept you waiting, huh?

    October 5th, 2020 by

    Wait, when was our last update, July 2019?! Oops!

    Kinda makes you think our sites down the drain, huh? Well, guess again! We’re still up, still kicking, even if we’ve slowed down a bit on the surface.

    Still though, we apologize if we kept anyone in the dark here versus our other media outlets.

    Happy 27th Anniversary SatAM

    A bit late, Sonic SatAM’s 27th Anniversary was technically on September 18. To Celebrate, the Sea3on Staff put together this:

    It’s up on our Sea3on Animation’s YouTube Page. Don’t forget to check the other videos *Cough*Shameless Plug*Cough*

    IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Previews/News

    Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 32 From IDW should be hitting shelves on October 14, 2020. Note this will be the first issue now written by Ian Flynn. Instead Evan Stanley will be taking over as Head Writer.

    Synopsis as Follows:

    Hold onto your chili dogs, Sonic fans! Long-time artist Evan Stanley takes over as writer with an action-packed, friendship-fueled new arc: “Chao Races and Badnik Bases!” The perfect jumping-on point for new readers!

    The Metal Virus is gone, but things aren’t quite back to normal. Omega is damaged and his allies turn to Tails and Sonic for help. The only way to rebuild him is to trade parts with a mysterious champion Chao racer… but things aren’t what they seem.[

    Stanley isn’t new to the Sonic Scene either, she’s been a freelance Artist and Writer for Archie’s Sonic Series, including various covers and pencil work and writing for Sonic Universe (Issues 79-82 “Silver Age” Storyline)

    Course that doesn’t mean Flynn is out for good. He’s moving to writing the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog Bad Guys Mini Series. The first Issue Should be available October 7th.

    Synopsis As Follows:

    The mastermind behind the Metal Virus isn’t done yet. Ian Flynn returns to answer: What happened to Dr. Starline?

    The Shadowy Scientist is back to his evil antics in Bad Guys! And what better place to concoct nefarious plans than one of Dr. Eggman’s abandoned bases? But that is easier said than done when badniks are guarding the entrance! Dr. Starline knows he can’t do it alone, so he decides to recruit some familiar and not so friendly faces.

    Course if you’ve been falling behind, On October 20th, Volume 7 of the Sonic the Hedgehog Graphic Novel Series, collecting issues 25 through 29 is being Released.

    Synopsis as Follows:

    It’s all come down to this, but will Sonic be able to overcome the odds and emerge victorious?The world has completely fallen to the Metal Virus. Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends find themselves on Angel Island, the last safe place, launching a desperate plan with their old foe, Dr. Eggman, to defeat the Deadly Six and reclaim the Chaos Emeralds in a last ditch effort to save the world. Collects issues #25-29.

    Special Thanks to The Sonic News Network, Previews World, and IDW’s Twitter as sources for both Images and Information.

    Sea3on Animated

    On September 30th our Twitter Account posted this:

    What could this mean? Truthfully, I’m not even kept in the loop on that account. But I figure it means something interesting is on it’s way. So hang on to your hats folks.

    As more news comes available, or I get better at grabbing previews, I’ll post updates. And as always, keep it frosty Freedom Fighters.



    View CommentsYes, you can join FUS! (Our forums and contact form are fixed.)

    January 6th, 2019 by

    Okay, this is a little embarrassing…

    In March or so last year, our forum‘s captcha broke, which meant nobody could create a forum account anymore. And, unfortunately, it turns out our contact form was also broken, which meant that people tried to tell us about it but we didn’t get their messages. So we didn’t even know about about the problem until one of us thought to ask, “Hey, how come we’re not getting any new users anymore?”

    That was a couple of months ago. We intended to fix the problem by switching to different forum software that wouldn’t cost money and that would be easy to fix when problems like this arose. Unfortunately, we still have yet to get around to this. So, for the time being, we’ve disabled the forum’s captcha. That means we are now accepting forum registrations again.

    And yes, we’ve fixed our contact form, too. If you’ve sent us a message and we haven’t responded, try sending us another one.

    Sorry about this, everybody!

    View CommentsShiny new webserver

    February 5th, 2016 by

    We’ve just changed our webserver from Apache to nginx. That basically means we switched the main piece of software that runs the site. (We’re still hosted at Digital Ocean and we still love them.) This means that, hopefully, our recent outages and slowdowns should finally cease. Let us know if anything weird happens.

    I have noticed the fanfic section of the site is missing, but it turns out it was already missing even before the switch. I don’t know what’s up with that and I’ll try to fix it soon.

    View CommentsGallery now accepting uploads again

    September 1st, 2015 by

    Our gallery had a problem where it wouldn’t accept uploads, but it should be fixed now. Now go fill it with a bunch of silly doodles!

    View CommentsThe Walrus Fan Club and Pretty Side of Pain are back

    September 1st, 2015 by

    Apparently they went down when FUS moved to DigitalOcean, but The Walrus Fan Club and Pretty Side of Pain are now back.

    I’ve also just been made aware of an issue with uploading to FUS’s gallery and am working to fix it.

    View CommentsSea3on comments return

    August 22nd, 2015 by

    Apparently some time ago some comment moderation setting got enabled that shouldn’t have been — nobody knows how — and all comments on Sea3on started going to the moderation queue. We’ve fixed that, and we think we’ve posted all the comments that were in the queue. Happy commenting!

    View CommentsE-mail’s back

    July 26th, 2015 by

    If you’ve sent any e-mail to Paul in the past few days, it might have bounced. (Paul, a.k.a. chief, is the guy who runs this website. If you’ve used our contact form, it sends an e-mail to Paul.) But we’ve got our e-mail set up now, so any future e-mails should go through.

    View CommentsForum fix

    July 21st, 2015 by

    Some users weren’t able to log into the forum because their account was set to use the Warrior skin, which is currently unavailable. I’ve worked around this by disabling the Warrior skin for now. Don’t worry, it’ll be back soon! Hopefully you should be able to log in now, at least.

    Be sure to read the post below this one if you haven’t already.

    View CommentsFUS forum users, read this

    July 21st, 2015 by

    You may have noticed that we were hacked again about a week ago and, as a result, the forum has been down a few days. Well, good news! I’ve cleaned everything up (much better than I did last time) and everything seems to be in working order. That means, yes, the forum is finally back! But wait! Remember that, although the chance is small, the hackers may have gotten your forum password. If you’re concerned about this, you should change your password, not just on the forum, but on every site where you used that password. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Wondering why the forum was down so long? A big part of it was Bluehost requires us to submit a support ticket to wipe the server. I kept the forum down during the waiting period because the server could be wiped at any time and I didn’t want anyone to write a big post and lose it in the wipe. Well, after waiting about 60(!) hours for Bluehost to get off their butts and wipe the server, we gave up and signed up for DigitalOcean instead. I think DigitalOcean is a lovely host and look forward to working with them.

    Now to make sure we never get hacked again…

    View CommentsE-mail

    June 13th, 2015 by

    By the way, if any of you have e-mailed Paul (chief) during the outage, when FUS was down completely, the e-mail may have been lost. Maybe not. So if you sent in anything, go ahead and send it again just to be sure, OK?