A Christmas Carol –  FUS’s 26 days of Christmas – 01



Okay so…We actually were suppose to have a regular chapter page this week and announce this 26 days of Christmas then..But due to certain things the Sea3on page just never came too.  Although it is 99% done you guys will have to wait till after Christmas to see it.  HA!  But I do promise you some fun in the meantime.

Is Sea3on going on break?  Yes.  We were planning on giving Stephen December off to get ready for before Christmas exams, plus a bit of rest to get a few projects done, including getting a bit of a backlog set up for Sea3on.  So… I think the next regular chapter page is scheduled for… New Years Day.  Good way to bring in the New Year.

Anyway, onto A Christmas Carol.   Its sorta out Holiday gift to you all.  26 days of Christmas and 26 comic pages to be uploaded.  Of course this will be done daily!  I’ve been forcing Sami to slave away at her computer the last few weeks to start pushing all of this out.  In fact This whole project was started in late October..Just before Halloween.   So Eric had to whip out a script as fast as he could so Sami could start the drawing.

Why Black and White?   Well… It just gives that old school feeling of watching the original movie. And I mean the original;

A Christmas Carol



So before we go on further I would like to thank both Eric and Sami for slaving away for me these past few weeks.  Only good friends can listen to crazy requests such as “Hey, lets pump out a 26 page daily comic in December..I know its October 28th but we can do it!”   And with only a few sighs and moans they pulled it off.


So I present to you… Fans United For SatAM’s 26 days of Christmas!

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  1. Captain Sorzo

    Wow. Talk about pleasant surprises. Few things Sonic-related could excite me more than nearly a month’s worth of daily Sea3on [spinoff] pages, but the prospect of Gojira developing Sal even further while working outside the constraints of the SatAM setting certainly qualifies.

    …Then again, few things are more disturbing than the mere possibility of Julian Cratchit and his adorable son Small Snively. *Shudders*

  2. Ultimate Hammer Bro

    Mmmm… an interesting take on a overused tale.

    However, I trust Eric and I know he will give us a story to laugh and cry 😀

  3. LegacyElite84

    Yeah, this is going to be nice. And I thought I heard a whip cracking noise since late October.

  4. Willow

    Amazing page, I’m really excited to see who will be who in the story
    Um can you give me the link to the artist(s) deviantart if he/she has one.

  5. Timeheart

    Seems like we’re going a little off script for a special! Let’s see how it turns out.

  6. Malpercio

    See?! I told you it was the wol…..pa…..what?! Do we get a special present?! Sweet!!!

    Thank you very much for all your efforts! I really look forward to see how this Christmas Special goes

  7. Righteous Fury

    @ Captain Sorzo: I can think of something even more disturbing than that: Naugus, the Ghost of Christmas Present.

  8. Ultimate Hammer Bro

    Tonight you’re gonna be haunted by three ghosts… and they’re all me. (Robotnik appears)


  9. Willow

    @ Rightious Fury I think Nagus is more likely going to be the Ghost of Christmas future.

  10. Captain Sorzo

    I’m with Willow in regard to Naugus, given that in regard to SatAM he’s largely a spectre of what might have been.

  11. TheRedAuthar


  12. Uncle Ben

    Im gonna like this

  13. Amanda

    Does this mean we get to see Sonic dressed in Victorian finery? Please say yes.

  14. Paul

    But of course my dear.

  15. dmoney


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