Hare Care – 08

And another late update!

Blame Nex.


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  1. Suros

    It is true. Whenever she shows up, she’s like a ray of sunshine.

  2. Rankles75

    Very true, Sal. 🙂

  3. YujoJacyCoyote

    Even the brightest of lights flicker amid a shroud of darkness. Staying bright is hard when it seems you’re the only one still keeping the street alight in the darkest of times. Those selflessly helping others don’t have another self to help themselves, focusing on fending off others’ overwhelming darkness as opposed to their own. Without realizing it sooner, they’re the ones that needed another’s help all along.

    Sally’s just trying to help carry a bit of Bunnie’s burden, just as she had done for her and others.

  4. sprinkle

    Yeah, the expression on Bunnie is real. It’s sometimes hard to receive this ‘compliment’.

  5. Mechtail

    Nice to see a slice of life story.
    Looking forward to more.

    I even took the time to recreate this scene in 3D.


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