Hare Care – 07

Ohh flash backs now!

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  1. Mythologest

    Well it wasn’t the flashback I was expecting (I thought it was gonna be of Sally & Bunnie’s childhood), but I guess I was still kinda right.

  2. Tyler C

    Uh oh, flashbacks. But in all seriousness, I somehow figured you were going to make this take place after chapter seven. Even if this is just a little intermission between issues. Clever.

  3. sprinkle

    Hmm, it’s a clever stylistic choice to have the bright aura of the present juxtaposed with the grim and colorless traumatic events. Also, can we appreciate the textures here? That bottle! And the draped cloth! Dang. It’s not only suited for calm, but also for the tension that calm can evoke during harrowing times.

  4. Mr. Maniac


  5. Riff

    I know this is a weird time to ask, but where is Dulcy?

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