Hare Care 6

Ohh boy I’m late on this one.   I forgot to post it.   So hopefully Nex doesn’t beat me up.

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  1. Mythologest

    I sense a flashback coming on.

  2. jprime

    Panel 2: There should be a comma at the end of “Well”.

  3. Suros

    Gotta say, it is nice to see a happy chapter with little if any conflict. While it obviously wouldn’t work all the time, it does make for a refreshing little break.

  4. Tyler C

    Why do I feel some subtle SalBun in this page? Not saying I support that, I don’t support any Yaoi/Yuri couples in Sonic at all. But I could be wrong about what is actually being portayed here. Feel free to correct me and explain, but please in a positive way.

  5. Redner Kcaj

    @Tyler C I’m pretty sure it’s just pure platonic friendship. Not every close female friendship has to be the start of a same-sex relationship. Besides, Sally & Sonic are definitely an item. Bunnie seems more into boys and even if she swung both ways, she respects her friend too much to want to interfere with the relationship she has with Sonic.

  6. Tyler C

    @Redner Kcaj ah yes, thanks for the explanation. And I know Bunnie’s into guys I just misinterpreted things that’s all. By the way, this art stylenis real past cool.

  7. sprinkle

    I’m not bothered by the comma choices. It is enjoyable to read casual speech, which is not the same as formally written dialogue. (Although they are related in comics; I do understand that.) And in the Southern manner of speech “Well now that” certainly has an authentic ring to it since all the words are necessary in the string and yet none of the words would feel like they belong to the pattern if it were bothered by the wrong quality of “proper”. It doesn’t read to me like a typo. I think it belongs with “’bout” instead of “about”, and those sorts of decisions, that lend themselves well to Bun’s character.

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