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    December 19th, 2016 by

    Sonic Super Special Magazine #14
    The SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE is back and here to give you the world of Sonic the Hedgehog comics as you’ve never seen it before! Collecting the best in comic stories, special features and exclusive articles on the latest and greatest in the world of the Blue Blur! This is a title no true blue Sonic fan should be without!
    Script: Various
    Art: Various
    Cover: SEGA
    On Sale Date: 2/22
    128-page, full color comic
    $9.99 U.S.

    Sonic the Hedgehog #292
    EVERYTHING CHANGES when SONIC and friends go down their “Branching Paths”: The Shattered World Crisis is behind us, and the 25th Anniversary was well celebrated! So what’s next for Sonic and his friends? That’s up to them to decide! Sonic is racing around Westside Island on a mission—but for whom? And while Sonic’s away, each of his friends make decisions that will plot the course of their lives. Don’t miss out on the beginning of a whole new era of Sonic stories! Featuring cover art by Sonic comics veteran Tracy Yardley and a “Epic Movie Poster” variant by T. Rex!
    Script: Ian Flynn
    Art: Tracy Yardley, Terry Austin, Gabriel Cassata and John Workman
    Cover: Tracy Yardley & Elaina Unger
    Variant Cover: T. Rex
    On Sale Date: 2/22
    32-page, full color comic
    $3.99 U.S.

    Sonic Universe #95
    It’s SONIC’s SUPER TEAM, the “FREEDOM FIGHTERS”: They’ve been Sonic’s closest friends in the comics for years! Now it’s their time to shine! Antoine takes the stage, traveling to his homeland to find some closure to his past. But he and Sonic find a new foe in the empty halls of Castle D’Coolette, and the beginning of a mystical new adventure! Featuring cover art by jammin’ Jamal Peppers and a “Team Blast” variant by Lamar Wells!
    Script: Ian Flynn
    Art: Adam Bryce Thomas, Jim Amash, Matt Herms and Jack Morelli
    Cover: Jamal Peppers, Jim Amash & Matt Herms
    Variant Cover: Lamar Wells, Jim Amash & Matt Herms
    On Sale Date: 2/8
    32-page, full color comic
    $3.99 U.S.

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