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    View CommentsDonation Club – Game Give Away

    November 11th, 2013 by

    Alright so a little while ago I asked you all for some help in the financial department with FUS.  So far the donations coming in have been great.  I really do appreciate all of the help.   Which brings me to this topic.

    In order to thank you all for donating myself with help from a good friend are going to start a game give away to thank those who donate on a monthly basis.  Basically we will be giving away game codes on a (hopefully) monthly basis.   Now the codes will be given away on a lottery type system.  It doesn’t matter how much you donate, you will be entered into the monthly draw.

    This will just be my way of keeping you guy’s happy as well as a token of thanks for all of your help.


    As of now I have 2 game coeds for Medal of Honor: Warfighter  Of course for these games you will have to have Orgin But I hope to do a mixture of both Orgin and Steam games in the future.  Perhaps add a few more games before the draw at the end of November.

    Also, as this will be the first game draw it will include everyone who has donated since the start of my donation drive for FUS.  So that will be 2 months worth of people put into this draw.

    Thanks again for all of your help..I hope this monthly game give away will help keep things going and keep all of you happy.



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