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    October 8th, 2013 by

    Hey guys,

    As many of you know FUS is a non profit website (obviously).  The server, Sea3on, and paying other staff here and there comes out of our own pockets.   Which has been mostly fine over the years, but as the site grows upkeep, server costs, Sea3on, and other things just go up in price.   Ive used the server we are on to help start up websites such as http://electricfyinggames.com/ to make their place known on the web at no cost.  As well as for a while the server ran a 24/7 Minecraft world.  I know a good chunk of you visited that.



    With money becoming tighter around here, and come December the full cost will be riding on my wallet there will have to be some cuts.  Now I do have a job, I could pay to keep everything how it is, but that isn’t going to get me anywhere.  I have my daughter among a lot of other things and bills my money goes into.   I have said it before, FUS is a money hog.  A pretty one that has a awesome comic on it. . But still a money hog.  Something I won’t be able to financially support the way we have been.

    I have already chatted with my staff over money issues, as well as letting my S3 staff know whats up and how I will do my best to keep funding the comic, however with no clear answer coming up I am not too sure how that will go.  Granted my guys have been excellent and are going to help me figure this out so it is a win win on both sides.

    Now this is the part that I find hard.   Ever since coming into ownership of FUS I wanted to pay my guys properly.  Run a steady server, help up started projects and so on.  Which, I have done to the best of my ability.  I never once wanted to ask for anything in return, just wanted to keep FUS ticking along smoothly.   However with life, bills, and well, mostly life my FUS savings bank is drying up.  Forcing me into seriously considering certain things.
    Ive never wanted to ask for this but if you can spare a buck or two that would be amazing. (donation button is on the front page of the website…Or click here)  If not, hey just keep supporting us and what we do like you are.  I have some of the best followers, staff, artists, and friends on this site.   So I’m happy there.


    Over the coming months I’m going to try my hardest to keep FUS the same.  I will continue to work with my Sea3on staff and also working on Sea3on Animated.  The support we have on those 2 projects is massive, and I love them just as much as you.

    Thanks again,



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