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    View CommentsSite is back up… Plus Anniversary of owning FUS

    June 26th, 2013 by

    So as a lot of you found out today…FUS was broken.  Well to be honest the server was running perfectly fine.  The issue however was in the domain.  It kinda expired on us late last night.   We had (or at least thought) we had it set up to auto renew but..Apparently we didn’t.  And of course all of the warnings of “your domain is about to expire” got emailed to John.  Which didn’t help much as he is (as a lot of you may know) currently in Afghanistan.

    So after work today I went to go renew the domain… The little auto renew button wasn’t working..Site kept timing out.. Annoying.
    So I went to do what any frustrated person in my position would do….Went to a buddies and drank beer. Oh and ditched the problem on Bakuda’s lap.


    Well later on tonight Bakuda tried to get the thing to renew and had the same issue I did.  However on his last attempt before he gave up for the night it worked.  So yay.  Domain is good for some while longer now.


    On other news..The fact that the domain ran out means it was 4 years ago when myself and John took over the website.   Wow…Time sure goes by past.


    Thanks all for your support over the years.



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