Waiting Is The Hardest Part – Interlude 001 – Page 010

And that is it for the first short. A Special thanks to Carina and Mr. Jimmy for their work on this.

Just a reminder we will be going back to our regular schedule for next week. Which means we will only update on Fridays as we are now going to start Chapter 2 of our main story.

If you have any questions or comments about Sea3on or anything SatAM related, or would just like to drop by and say hi, please join our boards at www.sonicsatam.com/forums

Again, thankyou for reading Sea3on, and we will see you next Friday.



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  1. Mr Knockout

    *sniff* Bravo! Bravo!! T.T

  2. Quexinos

    and that there was brilliant, good job everyone.

  3. Speeding Hedgehog

    We had a look into Sonic’s head, that’s something that’s missing in all forms of Sonic media. All we see is what he want’s people to see, never what he feels.

  4. Sea star

    YEAH no more depresion moment, go kick some butt sonic YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  5. SoLink

    love the pic!

  6. Kate Vunza

    @Speeding Hedgehog: So true, so true. Although Sonic came pretty close in the SatAM episode “Sonic Conversion” when the hedgehog admitted how stupid he’d been to try to deroboticize his uncle before learning if the effects would be permanent.

  7. Treleus

    Well that was fast. Go to it, little blue guy. Kick some needlenosed ass.

  8. DriftStar

    I’m glad to see Sonic himself explored more. I really enjoyed the part where Sally’s quips about him made him break down. Sally has been very mean in SatAM and I’m glad to see that explored. It could lead to a long and much-needed talk between them so Sally stops being so controlling of Sonic’s behavior. In Archie, Sally’s faith in Sonic was always little and I find that very out-of-character.

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