The Mechanics Puzzle – 01

Right!  So on-word we go!  For those of you who don’t know, this short is drawn by the lovely, talented, and ever so beautiful Sami Hale.  You can find her DA page here:

Also the writer for this short is our very own Sea3on script writer, the not so lovely or beautiful but very talented Eric Mason (Gojira).  He has a DA page as well but I’m far too lazy to search for it.  Maybe I’ll post it on the next page.

So this short is for the Rotor lovers out there.  I know you lot exist..I’ve seen that freaky ass fanfic stuff you email me.  Also I’ll tell you right now, just because Rotor has mechanical knowledge does NOT mean he would or should be making one of *ahem* those  machines.  I don’t care how much you think Sally and the others would like it.

Anyway’s before I get sidetracked even more.. I present to you The Mechanics Puzzle


As always thanks for reading,





…. *Sigh* Real professional, man.

Anyway, enjoying my time off. Thanks for sticking around, and thank Ann for the great work.



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  1. Captain Sorzo

    It’ll be nice to see Rotor receive some more fleshed out characterization. He felt like the least developed of the Freedom Fighters in the show.

    As far as art goes, the environments and Swatbot are already standouts. Excellent work.

    No comment on Chief’s rather disturbing tangent.

  2. Maryanne

    A Rotor short? I thought this short was supposed to be about Antoine…
    Nice art, though. And story seems promising (if it is Gojira’s work, I’m sure it will be good)

  3. Gojira007

    Seriously, Paul, it’s my username + Not that hard to figure out. lD;

    But in any case, I hope everyone enjoys the short. ^_^

  4. Elisto Dragonwings

    (desperately trying to erase from memory Chief’s last comment there…)

    Gojira, is this going to be related to a picture in your dA gallery? I’ve been curious about that one…

  5. Gojira007

    @ Elisto: Yes, the germ of this story originated from the picture you’re thinking of. 🙂

  6. Tammy SATam

    Okay Rotor, unexpected but cool the art really does stand out though.
    Yeah he is one of the less than popular characters but at least he gets some attention from the fans even if that could be improved.
    Well can’t wait for what comes next.

  7. Paul

    I’ll remember it one day Gojira.

  8. Righteous Fury

    But Rotor has made one of…THOSE…machines before. Ro-becca, anyone? (shudders)

  9. Righteous Fury

    Wait, it says that this is Entry #28…Does that mean this short takes place while Sonic, Tails, and Antoine are meeting the Guardian for the first time?

  10. Asher Tye

    Yah, Rotor time! Walrus needs more lovin’.

  11. Ultimate Hammer Bro

    I know! I’ll create Robot-Rebecca!

    Oh wait…

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