Chapter 8 Page 02

A familiar face appears!

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  1. G'pla-ster90

    I knew it was Lazaar. He was obviously Naugus’ teacher.

  2. Wildfire

    This reminds me of ideas I had for fic back in the day. Glad to see Lazzar making a comeback. Everyone’s favorite Yoda ripoff makes his triumphant return! Let’s go boys!!!

  3. Rankles75

    Called it! 😉

  4. Tyler C

    What? Lazar? Oh this is interesting, but I find it weird how a Human looking wizard that uses technology for “magical studies” would teach someone like Naugus. Although I do hope you bring up how Lazar gave up being evil while he was in stasis, that should start something with Naugus’ beliefs. Maybe you can also explain how other Humans might still exist on Mobius in some kind of bunker facilities, just not anywhere the Freedom Fighters can find them? The possibilities are endless.

  5. Mythologest

    I too predicted Lazaar would eventually show up in this comic (Don’t know why Archie didn’t include him in their canon). I’m also willing to bet his magic computer is one of the chaos emeralds. Though I am confused as to why he’s assisting Naugus (and by extension Snively) in his evil plan to find the emeralds when he explicitly stated he was turning over a new leaf and abandoning his evil ways (unless helping Naugus & Snively acquiring the emeralds is part of some grand plan to save Mobius and/or the entire universe).
    @Tyler C I don’t think Lazaar is human with those pointy ears. I think he’s more likely some kind of human-like magical being like an elf or fairy.

  6. Anthony Luetmer

    @Mythologest this is a flashback i guess. also i think Lazaar is a mutant human.

  7. sprinkle

    Really cool reveal

  8. Tyler C

    @Mythologest I know he isn’t actually Human, I said Human-looking. But I don’t think Lazar has a Chaos Emerald in his computer, that would be a little too obvious. Also, there is a demo of a mod for the game Half-Life called The Robotropolis Project and you can already guess what it involves. Word of warning, it’s not a full-fledged shooter involving Sonic characters (although you can use a laser rifle if you acquire one somehow) especially since it’s meant to be for stealth which is what the SatAM cast use if you pay attention. Look it up on ModDB it’s, past cool.

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