Hare Care – 03

Little late on this one.  Sorry about that.   Nex was running a bit late with it, he sent it to me a few days ago and I totally forgot about it.  But here we are!

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  1. Suros

    They’re so wonderfully expressive!

  2. jprime

    Panel 1: There should be a comma at the end of “in”.

  3. Mythologest

    Well this is different? I would’ve thought it’d be Bunnie doing Sally’s hair. Not sure how I feel about Bunnie’s face in the second panel though. Other than that, everything looks great 👍🏻.

  4. Tyler JC

    Nice attention to detail you have going on here.

  5. YujoJacyCoyote

    Love these recent pages. The art style and character expression are so on point it feels like I’m watching a new episode unfold. Way past cool to see a nod to Archie Bunnie’s salon too.

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