Hare Care  – 01

Alright!  Been a few months but here is our new short!  Along with a new short comes a new artist, Nex!

I’ve known Nex for years now so…Its good to have him on the team.   He will be doing the full art in this interlude chapter, and in the main chapters he will be supplying colours for Riggo.

Anyways we hope to be updating each Monday for this short.  Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. wingwolfly

    Dang this page looks beautiful!

  2. Captain Sorzo

    Welcome back, dearest Sally-girl. It’s been awhile.

    Two panels in, and the art style’s already blown me away. I don’t think the comic’s ever quite looked as close to the show as it does here.

  3. Suros

    Holy cow! The lines are super clean and the colors are so rich!

  4. TachyonCode

    Credit where credit’s due – perspective shots are super hard to do, especially with such stylized artwork!

    I’m here for this.

  5. Wild Dog


  6. Mnemonic

    Holy cow! The art looks absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Redner Kcaj

    Judging by the title & the obvious pun, I’m almost certain this is going to be at least partially inspired by this Archie Sonic Strip;https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-J5x2pgZu3lg/Vtpw7CGwkSI/AAAAAAAAJ48/PtTCHq8ucC4/s16000-Ic42/RCO019.jpg. If that’s the case, I wonder if Ro-Becca is gonna make a surprise re-appearance here, perhaps reprogrammed to be Bunnie’s assistant.

  8. jprime

    Panel 2: There should be a comma or period at the end of “are”.

  9. sprinkle

    Wow, great page design, cool work

  10. Rankles75

    Wow! This looks great

  11. Xaos

    Holy cow, Nex’s style is really warm. It really reminds me of how the show presented Knothole.

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