Chapter 7 Page 39.   End of an Ara.

And this is it.   Thank you for keeping up with us these past years.  I know our uploads can be all at times.    So with this we say goodbye to Laura.   However this is not our end.    Up next is a short that Eric is currently writing and our new colorist will be taking the lead on that.   Which is going to allow Riggo to get ahead on chapter 8.

So stayed tuned.   I dont have an exact time when the short will start but it should be soon.



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  1. Tyler JC

    I’m sure that it will be worth the wait.

  2. jprime

    I think you mean “Era”.

  3. styvux

    Can you make chapter 7 available for download like the other chapters?

  4. Sprinkle

    Ara also meaning Altar? Foreshadowing of some kind? Reference to Laura moving on?

    In any case, an awesome chapter/episode, and in a typical “season” where would this place us? Episode 7 of a 13-episode season would be squarely at the end of the middle episode/chapter, right?

    So there could be 6 more episodes?

  5. Riggo


    Not sure if I should really say, but I will tell you that there’re more than six episodes still left to go!

  6. dmoney

    Nicely done! Cant wait for the next chapter!

  7. wingwolfly

    It’s been a month and I just got the pun. It makes me so happy.

  8. dmoney

    Beautifully done

  9. Faiz Najmi

    I hope next chapter will have some chareter and plot element from Sonic Underground.I love that show and I want to see them in this universe.

  10. jprime

    @Faiz Najmi Bite your tongue. That show was terrible.

  11. Faiz Najmi

    The show wan’t terrible.Yes the show has many animation error,plot ripped from SATAM and adventure , character design ,some plot but did you coppenyl those problem to SATAM like that show own plot hole or the show own animation error ? Youcannot said the show was terrible just because it largely defferent from the game . You should accept that. I hope you change you mind about this.😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  12. W.I.H

    Where is Sonic? How can it be any good without Sonic in it?

  13. Faiz Najmi

    What do you mean sonic ? He was in the show.

  14. W.T.H

    I meant in this chapter.

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