Chapter 7 Page 38

Well we are hitting the end of this journey.  The final page which I will publish on Sunday will be Laura’s final page with us.   Its been an amazing time working with her these past years, as well as all her help in the animation project in those early days.

Be sure to drop by Sunday for the amazing final page of chapter 7, and end of a ara with Laura.



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  1. RayNou

    First off nice page as always, secondly Thanks Laura for everythkng and i wish you all the best.

  2. Morris Beauregard

    Hello! I couldn’t figure out where to ask questions, so I figured here was as good as any spot. I was wondering if you all would ever consider doing a physical release of the comic, maybe as issues or when it’s all finished, whenever that may be?

  3. Paul

    We have thought about it…However as we can not sell it its kinda hard to pay for printing etc. Maybe one day.

  4. Morris Beauregard

    A couple of TMNT fan continuations saw print by way of direct crowd funding through PayPal. If you guys ever do anything like that, I’ll be first in line. Anyways, see you back for Chapter 8! Keep up the good work!

  5. Sprinkle

    Great stuff, thanks Laura!!

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