Chapter 7 Page 37

Getting close to the end.  Only 2 pages left and they are already all drawn up!  Keep tuned



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  1. Suros

    Dang, that’s some serious sacrifice right there!

  2. dmoney

    Bunny is truly ABOUT THAT LIFE!

  3. jprime

    When Bunnie was de-roboticized in the pre-lawsuit Sonic comics, I wanted to see where it’d go. Nowhere, it turned out (thank you, Ken Penders!), and then the series got cancelled a few years later, with only Sonic Universe having completed its arc at the time.

  4. dwt

    Wow, this is a really awesome comic! I heard about the canned 3rd season, this comic is definitely the continuation of the SatAM cartoon. So, will Robotnik die in the end? I really want to see Sonic and the Freedom Fighters have a happy ending if this comic really is the conclusion the SatAM saga really deserves.

  5. Tyler JC

    I can understand why she doesn’t want to be derobotocized yet. Without her cybernetics the Freedom Fighters would be down one of their strength users! And seeing as how Dulcy may never be included in this comic, though that remains to be seen, the fact that Bunnie snd Sonic are two of the only capable Mobians that can take on the Swatbots only shows how desperate they are to win.

  6. Sprinkle

    Heavy …
    Good one bunners.

  7. Miranda Shadowind

    In hindsight, her decision reminds me of a story by SatAM fanfic legends Robert Brown and Francis Tolbert, “A Difficult Choice”. Since I’m trying to avoid spoilers, though, let’s just say her ultimate decision was different.

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