Chapter 7 Page 36

Ohh Gavin.



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  1. Vincent Giannell

    Even if Bunnie did agree, she probably thought she wouldn’t survive the attempt. And even if she did, she would think she wouldn’t be of any help to the Freedom Fighters anymore even if she wanted to be normal again.

  2. Speeding Hedgehog

    WOAH. I love how you can’t fully see Bunnie’s face in these panels. Really ups the tension. Great work.

  3. Sprinkle

    We’ve learned from the mini comic “My and My Shadow” on this site what can happen when the de-roboticizers go wrong … I’m sure she’s not anxious to repeat that little incident.

  4. dmoney

    She look like she’s about to knock the stu out of him LOL

  5. Subreon

    Don’t be mean to the sugah bat ono

    btw comic making peeps. i know it seems like next to nobody cares about this project, but some day it will explode and be known as one of the greatest fan stories ever.

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