Chapter 7 Page 35

They escaped…Or did they?

We are getting close to the end of chapter 7 guys.  stay tuned!



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  1. Vincent Giannell

    Something tells me Cat and those Robians will be back.

  2. wingwolfly

    Okay, serious props to the artist though, this looks amazing, and the writer too, this whole chapter has been great. I know it’s not quite done yet, but I have really enjoyed it.

  3. jprime

    Panel 3: There should be commas at the end of “Oh” and “going”.

  4. Suros

    This page makes me smile.

  5. Sprinkle

    Would be curious about a response from the writer/letterer.
    Sometimes when I write my comics I will have typos. But also sometimes I avoid certain punctuations in order to create a different sense about a character’s speech. Avoiding commas can be an error or it can be a way to make someone read a little more nervous or run-on-sentency. I think the last talk bubble of the bat is really nice. It is fun to read. He has a halting but polite manner that reads vaguely feigned or awkward.

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