Chapter 7 Page 34

Sorry took a bit to get this one up.  Anyways….We see another familiar face here.



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  1. Rankles75

    A wild Cluck appeared!

  2. Tyler JC

    CLUCK?! Now that is just weird.

  3. Vincent Giannell

    I’m guessing Robotnik decided Cluck was no longer useful to him as a pet.

  4. Mnemonic

    Oh f*ck, it’s Cluck!

  5. Sprinkle

    Cluck was devised for the other Sonic show running while SATAM was going on right? And that drill fellow was the other one? It’s fun to see some “cross over” between the very different shows.

  6. Tim "J" Campbell

    You’re talking about Scratch, Sprinkle. Cluck was always in SatAM.

  7. Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote

    Huh, I guess Cluck here is supposed to represent Dr. Robotnik’s influence over Cat long after he is supposedly gone, a former shell of what he once was replaced with a rotten egg. Things sure are getting interesting.

  8. dmoney

    Wow CLUCK! I thought Snively destroyed him lol

  9. wingwolfly

    I don’t know why we’re all so excited, but holy it’s a bird!!! Honestly, Cat’s pose look pretty cool.

  10. Sprinkle

    @Tim Aha! Gotcha, I need to re-watch this show some time. There was some great characterization.

  11. michael Walsh

    Look at their eyes, I’m thinking Kat might not be the brains of this operation

  12. anikiki

    Oh, Cluck!

  13. Mythologest

    Cluck? I was wondering what happened to him?

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