Chapter 7 Page 33

Green water?  Looks…drinkable?

Also we have surpassed $400 on our Patreon page for the Sea3on animation.  So thank you to all you lovely people!  Be sure to check out the patreon here:

Also we are looking for another colourist for the comic.  So if you are interested in working with a awesome fun team feel free to send us a message and some of your art.  You can either go through our twitter here: or email me directly at



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  1. RayNou


  2. Suros

    Great, now I’m picturing everyone hearing him yell “NOOOOO!!!” in 50 pages and nobody knows what they’re hearing.

  3. Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote

    Get ’em, Bunnie!

    That drainage junction looks like a scene from TMNT, something about flushing an enemy away. Hopefully that green liquid’s not ooze lol.

  4. Tyler JC

    Why do I get the feeling that green liquid could be highly toxic even to cyborgs?

  5. Sprinkle

    The new style is really appealing, nice inks

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