Chapter 7 Page 32

Oh things are getting exciting now.



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  1. Suros

    He stepped up! I’m proud of Gavin today!

  2. wingwolfly

    Man, I wish screaming solved my problems

  3. Tyler JC

    Holy shit…

  4. RayNou

    Bunnie.exe has stopped working

  5. jprime

    Looks like Gavin’s officially on the hit list.

  6. Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote

    And then Gavin accidentally supersonic screamed at Bunnie and knocked her out. Oops. . .
    If this wasn’t such a stressful situation Bunnie’d probably say, “Warn a gal you can do that next time, Suguh Bat!”

    Cat’s the one that truly stunned her with his callous words.
    I hope Gavin bought them enough time.

  7. Chris J

    Kudos to whoever colored this one.

  8. Tim "J" Campbell

    Christ J: That would be Laura Adams!

  9. Kaeli Cellis

    I absolutely LOVE how this page looks like the perfect blend of SatAM, and something straight out of the Archie and IDW comics. Props to the team on this one!

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