Chapter 7 Page 31

Cat is one mean guy…  Also I’m taking bets on Bunnie.



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  1. RayNou

    And then Cat gets one punched and loses

    End of fight 😂
    But dang that was long for the page, oh well. Quality takes time, nice page again

  2. wingwolfly

    The effects on panel 5 are looking really nice, well done!

  3. Suros

    That’s a low blow to take shots at her friends, and a sensitive topic to boot.

  4. Cal

    Good to see a familiar face from the old show!

  5. Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote

    Just wanna say this comic collectively is way past cool, found it somewhat recently.
    Looking forward to how this Cat situation is handled down the line.

  6. Speeding Hedgehog

    Crazy to think how I started reading this in early Highschool and how I’m now a working professional in his mid-twenties.

    Time sure do fly.

    Keep ’em coming, guys!

  7. Tyler JC

    Hard to believe this comic has come so far! Hopefully the animated just as good! And I do hope you’re planning to go with Ben Hurst’s plans for Robotnik’s and Snively’s origins.

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