Chapter 7 Page 30

Okay sorry for the later page…But here it is!  Now we are getting on the creepy side of things.



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  1. RayNou

    Bro if i ever saw that i would scream my lungs out

    Another amazing page, nice job!

  2. Rankles75

    Kick his ass, Bunnie! 😈

  3. Suros

    That’s not good. Bunnie is seeming a little beat up already and Gavin doesn’t seem like much of a fighter.

  4. Flor de oro

    The suspense, the danger, Its so exiting!!

  5. cccviper653

    OnO Quick Gavin! Use cute charm! Or uh, you’re a bat. Use supersonic or confuse ray!!!

  6. wingwolfly

    Oh no, this can’t go well

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