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*Insert something witty*

We have a few cool things coming up for you guys in December and the New Year so stay tuned.

Of course thank you to all of our Patreon Subscribers for your help with the Animated Project.  Currently our talented Gloria Fish is pushing out more story boards and animatics on her holiday weekend.  Ended up staying at her school during her Thanksgiving to push out as much work as she can in 4 days.   Be sure to follow Gloria here

Also for your other Americans who read this comic..Happy Thanksgiving!  I celebrated mine in October so this past Thursday I was listening to the staff talk about their holiday plans and what big dinners they were having.  Where I was stuck at work and my dinner was left over chicken wings…Though I guess I did bug everyone in October when I was having my holiday weekend.

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  1. Tyler JC

    Bunnie’s gonna get caught. I know it.

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