Chapter 7 Page 28

And here we have Bunnie doing all the work again…

If you haven’t seen it yet we released another animatic to the public yesterday.  A thank you from us for all the support you have all given us.  Also to prove that we are actually doing stuff =P

Anyways check it out here!

We also have more stuff we will be releasing in December.  Both to the public and our Patreons.  So be sure to like and follow us!



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  1. Suros

    I’ll admit, I’m a little confused as to what happened between panels four and five.

  2. Rankles75


  3. cccviper653

    bot kicked the wall and the top of the wall is falling toward sugah bat uwu (he’s totally gay btw. i can tell. also he’s subby too. 100%. imma ship him when whatever other gay characters appear lol)

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