Chapter 7 page 27

Poor Rust Bucket…He just wanted to make friends by helping Cat out in painful experiments.



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  1. Suros

    Wow, took his arm and everything! She’s 110% done!

  2. Tyler JC

    Holy shit…

  3. cccviper653

    hopefully those can be reattached before getting turned back into a fluffy boi. also this sparked an idea, what if somebody had a horrible injury and operating would either be super hard or even impossible. they could be turned into a robot, repaired/replace a bad part, then turned back into fluff and the fixed part would translate into a fixed body. :v it’s a medical breakthrough! that is, once the roboticizer gets fixed that it doesn’t turned the peeps evil. like how in the show the sonic’s uncle guy person would still suffer from evil programming despite the good side winning back his body.

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