Chapter 7 Page 23

Okay….So first of all..we are back!   Big thanks to everyone helping out…Our new line artist Riggo…Laura of course..As well as Tim for really still sticking around helping out with things.   Plus this fine crew is also heavily involved in our animated version so…We are staying busy.

We have made a fairly decent back log soo Hopefully we can keep our bi weekly updates.   It would be awesome to go back to the days of weekly updates…But with everyone’s work load I cant see that taking place.    I mean between our regular full time jobs, S3, S3A, and the other projects Laura, Riggo, and Tim are doing…Not to mention Eric on his end…Plus me.. We have a full load.

But I am glad to say we are back in business.   Its been a wild ride…Hope you all enjoy!


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  1. Suros

    Hey, I’m just happy this exists. Check in every day to watch for new stuff. Love what you all do!

  2. Mnemonic

    Same as Suros, I check every day, and it always lifts my spirits when I see any sort of new post!

  3. dmoney

    Yes!!! Its back!! I am so glad to see this comic up and rolling again. Thanks for not giving up on it!

  4. cccviper653

    I also check every day, almost uwu

  5. Colby Potter

    I noticed you’re missing page 24 of ch 7. Either that, or there’s an error with the page numbers. If it is missing, can you put it back up sometime?

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