Some Mistakes…Some News…And..Yes?

Okay so first off…Riggo is working on his last page for our backlogs.  We decided to get a few more drawn up before posting…But this is our last one.  SO once Riggo  has done the line art…It will move over to Laura and then BOOM.  We are in business again.

Second…The animation?  Well that is speeding along nicely.   We kinda made a mistake the other night.  We went to show our $300 patreon part of a animatic.  About 40 seconds of story boarding put into brief animation.   Uh…Well we accidentally made it public on youtube.  Ooops.   Luckily we have enough of this done that we were able to reward our patreon Sally (Yes her name is Sally) with a new piece.

As for the part that was uploaded to youtube?   Well instead of deleting it…our mistake is now your gain!    So be sure to check it out here!

Speaking of patreon, be sure to check us out.  Where you will see updates weekly on our progress.



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  1. Sparkle

    But yep definitely feeling the gain. Lucky we all get to see this. This is so good, and such a great mood for a return to animated form! Wow!

  2. Joel Hunter

    Looking good so far; I definitely like animatics/storyboard reels. 🙂

  3. Bo

    Thats funny, still it was great to get to see it.
    And I’ve loved everything I’ve seen so far so much, it brings a tear to my eye.

  4. Bith

    So, soon?

  5. Ken

    The animation looks great. Can’t wait for the finished product. Will Dulcy be appearing at all in this?

  6. MisterSig

    Maybe. There’s some source saying S3 had plans for her.

  7. AbraCadavre95x

    Such a great step seeing this all come together! Childhood memories are overflowing!

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