The Return Of The Comic….And Animation?!

Hey guys,

Where do I start..?

Well…A lot has been going on these past few months that myself and a group of others have been keeping heavily under wraps.    First off I will say the comic is coming along great.   Riggo is a great new asset, and Enigma is amazing as always.   We do have a few completed pages now and both Riggo and Enigma are working hard on getting our backlog done so we can start posting completed chapters.

The short comics we are doing are behind but that is largely because we were trying to get ready for another launch of sorts today.  SO that should be picking back up as well.

Now..obviously you have noticed our poster by now and are thinking “Sea3on Animated?”    Maybe not but I sure would be.   we did try this in the past but due to various circumstances it just fell through.   Partly lack of people knowing what they are actually doing (myself included) and we just took on too much too fast and without any solid plan.   We did have one plan but once that fell through…No back ups.     This is where we changed our mindset.

Now I had pretty much given up on ever seeing a animated episode of S3…But last November I started talking with a few individuals on it again.   Then that spread to a few others…I started talking to Tim on it…then we started roughing up some art work…Gojira wrote a script…Then old and new friends started joining up.  We somehow tracked down an amazing story board artist…A awesome VA director who I have known for years,  past and current S3 staff… And a handful of industry professionals that have also expressed interest in this.  From background painters, to music composers.

Thus…We are launching a patreon.    Animation gets pricey and after our pre production we are hoping to get a actual studio to help animated.   We have talked with a few already to get a good idea on what we are looking at.

Regardless this is a goal of ours..As well as the comic.  Be sure to check out our patreon where you will be getting updates, story boards, animation bits (Including a promo animation we pushed out) and much more.

Also keep checking back here for updates as well…And the comic of course!





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    Well this is a pleasant surprise. This looks like it’s going to be a great project, can’t wait for the new stuff to come out!

  2. Wild Dog


  3. oreoclarity


    Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! 🤩

  4. Sparkle

    Amazing! This is a super great idea and project!

  5. Speeding Hedgehog

    So my question is whether or not the story of the animated series will mirror the story of the comic?

    Obviously it wouldn’t be panel-for-panel, word-for-word the same. I’m just talking about the general plot.

  6. Tyler JC

    Oh HELL YES!!!

  7. Tim Campbell

    Speeding Hedgehog: It will be an animated adaption of the comics, yes.

  8. Speeding Hedgehog

    @Tim Campbell

    Thanks for the clarification!

  9. Suros

    I check in here every day to see if anything new is up, and news like this I what makes it all worth it.


  10. Joel Hunter

    Hey there! I’ve been following this comic now since 2015, and I really like how its been going (despite the minor setbacks, of course); found out about you guys after watching the original first 2 seasons in 2015 as well.
    I’m also equally psyched that this is finally getting the animated treatment! But that does bring up a question; have you guys already found voice actors, or are you still looking for some? Because if so, I would like to tryout and maybe suggest a few people that I think might be good fits.

  11. Tim Campbell

    Joel: We are on the hunt for voice actors! E-Mail my work mail, and send your portfolio or links to some samples on google drive. A few suggestions for some people would be great as well!

  12. Tyler JC


  13. cccviper653

    woop woop woop woop woop

  14. Elijah Hechtman

    If Nicole’s origin story is included, she should be a lynx just like in the Archie comics.

  15. Ernst Stabinski

    Please God let this be real and happen.

  16. MisterSig

    One question: Does Sea3on have a way to throw Dulcy (the Cree Summer dragon) in there? I’m just asking because I saw somewhere that the SatAM crew had plans for her in S3, and she’s not in any of the 7 ‘episodes’ I’ve seen in web comic form. I understand if no one wants her in it.

    Also, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t particularly fond of Rotor’s look in S2, so I’m glad he’s reverted back to the S1 look.

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