Satir3 002

Tad late on this one…My fault though.

Anyways, the regular S3 comic is also pumping away.  Saw some finished pages the other day….So…On our way!

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  1. oreoclarity

    I just discovered you guys… I hope this project is still alive… If there’s anything I can do to help, please feel free to contact me!

  2. Flor de oro

    I love Sonics face on last pannel

  3. jprime

    Panel 5: That word balloon should be coming from Sonic, not off-panel.

  4. Tim Campbell

    jprime: That’s part of the joke, lol.

  5. Simon

    Quick question: given that this panel released on 5 May, will the next panel release on 19 May or sometime in June?

  6. Sparkle

    Great character design and expression for underdrawings!

    Too bad the Sonic movie is live action. They are kinda restricting themselves by making a “realist” version of the character instead of lively animated cartoon.

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